New Blog!

December 5, 2005 3:42 PM

Yay I got this template to work too! Aside from the guestbook, every other feature (forum, poll, blog) is self-hosted, so I don’t have to worry about free services disappearing. The guestbook just has too many entries in it for me to code and start my own. Besides, it looks great right now.

I got this blog code from WordPress… though unlike many other blogs, I chose a template that doesn’t have the calendar and links and category links. This basically killed all the features that a blog should have. O well, can’t fit those into my layout without making it look weird ): Maybe I’ll make an new portion of my site where I put my forum, blog, or maybe include an oekaki or whatnot.

Or I’ll leave it as is. I like this simple, messy, font-size driven text-oriented layout :D

1 Comment

  • manda

    hey shilin.
    im a fan of your comic.and your art.
    haha.just come here to post my appreciation for you and the others like you.
    without your online comics,
    aspiring manga artists like me
    would find that much less to look forward to each day.
    so.. jiayou* and gd luck in whatever you do.

    **means all the best in chinese