Ragnarok Online 2 video

December 11, 2005 10:11 PM

Saw some more videos on Google… I decided to search for RO videos. Saw a couple of WoE ones (SKILLFUL people xD) and found some promo videos on RO2 at here.
I really want to play it! ;_; the graphics looked really pretty, and I guess that’s all I look for in a game, since I can’t play very well. The characters all look like dolls xD The clothes are well designed in my taste, you get to pick hair style/colour and eye style/colour. That’s sooo anime, but anime’s good for me. They also have enhanced battle moves. It makes you look like you are in a serious fight with w/e you are fighting. (and they showed it off with a battle of player vs a spore… how effective).
But all that graphics is probably gonna take a shit load of memory and computer/internet power… so I hope it doesn’t come out too soon. I’m gonna get murdered if I play it on my residence connection because it is just so… SLOW. And I wouldn’t want to not be able to play it just because of that.
And of course I hope I’ll have time to play it too >>; by "have time" I mean not having to give up anything to play it, like drawing or uh, homework. :)

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