Ew photos

December 17, 2005 9:49 PM

My lovely lovely lovely parents bought me a digital camera for Christmas *_* It’s a fuji finepix or something. Tiny and COOL. so much cooler than the older one that we had (which I am glad that we lost xD) They bought it for me in secret, and when they asked me wat I wanted to make sure, I said digital camera and didn’t think they’d take it seriously xD SO FINALLY, I CAN SHOWOFF MY BEAUTIFUL BABIES. Only a couple though; I didn’t have time to take a lot of pics today. Not all of them are great either.

My grand piano *¬* It’s 30 years old and it looks and sounds wonderful. iT’S NOT THE SAME AS AN UPRIGHT, NEVER! It’s my treasure even though I don’t take good care of it.

And the stairs of my house… I’d probably take a walking tour video for fun when we get a memory card for this cam. Right now it can only record 14 seconds of movie. I’d have to run like hell xD

*still excited about zee sexy slim camera*


  • krysjez

    -heart- i have a fuji finepix too.
    AAAGH my mum just scolded me for my dA signature she said 如果有一天诗琳发生什么事真么办? 那人家就会怀疑你了。 *sobs* and now she will tell my dad and my dad will ban me off the computer forever and whack me… *sniffles and runs to a corner*

  • Winzie

    Wtf suck fancy stairs x3

    I have an upright piano so… +devises plan to fly over there and trade pianos+ xDD

  • omg you rich person. =( You have such a nice house and piano to boot.