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December 31, 2005 9:29 PM

My digicam is too sexy! x)

And so are my cats! My parents adopted them (both because it was required for siblings) a couple of days ago. They are not as sexy as my previous cat, (he’s too beautiful) but they are still soooo cute. Especially their voices; it’s so adorable for 2-year-old cats. I finally got around to take some pictures; although one of them (still haven’t named them yet) are always hiding somewhere sleeping while the other one sucks up and always follows people. But both are so cute! *squeals to self*

    A front view is SO hard to get; when they are not sleeping, they always move around, even just body parts.
    A back view on the other hand is always easy… but not as pretty ;( She looks like a carpet that’s fit for our kitchen xD
    And this little one loves attention x)

And OMG THIS PIC. This was when one of them was running all around the house trying to find stuff that dun exist anymore, so I invited both of them into the computer room, and they did THIS!

The bigger one (one on the right) has her head on top of the smaller one after a while of stretching, and the little one was using its paw and pressing on the big one’s face xD

Another random pics I took.. the actual thing’s already finished. but I’ll post this anyways cus it looked kinda neat. Although it would have been neater if I had professional equipments scattered around instead of just.. well, pencil eraser ruler, lol. But I’m too poor ):

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  • Awww… The cats are so cute. You’ll have to write here when you name them. Oh, and very nice drawings. I love the Blackbird update. Weirin’s all “lyk OMGsh da king’s dead.” And everybody else is like, “W00t! Yeah he’s finally bit the dust” Well at least a selected few of us are. I guess. I really don’t know. Maybe some people actually loved the king and didn’t want him to die o_O. I’ll stop rambling now.