Blackbird story

January 4, 2006 10:49 PM

I have enough confidence in where the plot for Blackbird would go, and enough details so far for up to about 20 chapters (lol..), and all this has been established for a while since I didn’t have time to work on it in the last while… now I looked back to the summaries I wrote down (so i don’t forget like I did last time), I realized that I have really uneven character involvement. I tried to make sure everyone that’s supposed to be important are always involved, but so far at least Keri and Weirin aren’t involved enough until the third or fourth book (9th chapter and on). I had to change so much stuff about individual events in the second book just so they don’t seem neglected, but they are still portrayed as pretty much useless next to Visrin.

Also I kind of realized that the amount of details–as in event details, such as making sure that I illustrate every move done in a fight sequence and sutff like that–is almost as bad as Lord of the Rings for a manga. The first book spans 3-4 days, the second book spans 1 day, (lol…) the third a few days, the fourth a week etc. I didn’t want to cut anything out; everything has to take time to be explained little by little so no one would bore the hell out of themselves reading a whole book of Maesltrom theory, but I probably wouldn’t get anywhere far in the next few years if I keep to my plan. I made the story too big for a first timer (again my last manga DOESN’T COUNT ]: cus it’s horrible and I stopped after the first chapter) hobby-manga artist, but this is also what made it so uncontrollably fun and addicting.


  • Reine de Chaos

    Wow, what you do sounds really complicated and probably has the potential to make my brain explode… but as long as you find it horribly fun and addictive, I don’t think many people will mind where you go with Blackbird, we all love it ^_^

  • Hehehe I remember you told me about Keri on MSN and you splashed out some of your plot ^o^