Pics of our res :o

January 10, 2006 11:08 PM

1. 2.

1. a 5-pic combination of my dorm room!
2. a poster that hangs on my roommate’s side’s wall, something I have to face daily.


  • nice room ^__^
    yay for puss in boots!

  • lmao. yr dorm room is so fluffin’ spiffeh. the poster is hilarious…”YOUS SUCK!” family guy rox. XD

  • you will also see my roommate (whose shirt says “polo”) right there in the middle xD

  • luckyiota

    you have a big room but i also see two beds. i finally got my own room when i started college. stewie’s such a meanie xD

  • omg your room is so big. *jealous* =( Ours is a box. Here a room that big would house 3 people.

  • Argh… Family Guy….
    haha good luck with that poster! You’ll probably get sick of that poster real fast lol