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Doing something crazy

… well, BORING crazy. Internet here is ultra slow… except in the morning. my roommate also gets a lot of visitors at night loitering around the room, making it impossible for me to work efficiently. (draw, read, etc. always gotta alt tab or read with a blasting jrock in my headphones to filter their chat out) Plus, I’ve always been getting up reluctantly in the morning because I want to sleep in. sooooooo I decided I’d sleep at 9 or 10 at night from now on. This is probably like the normallest thing everyone did in their life, but it’s crazy because I am in residence where no one sleeps before 12. I’ve been trying it for 3 days now; at least my wake up pattern is natural now, although the falling asleep part still needs work. I wake up narually at 8-9 every morning now with no wish to sleep in; but it takes me a couple of dazing hours to fall asleep. I was never an easy sleeper, and now it takes even longer to fall asleep.

Because of this, I haven’t been doing too much off-homework activities for the past few days… haven’t been cging, sketching or idling much. It sounds healthy, but I feel boring. Yes, boring, not bored. I feel like there is no interesting things to think about/expect everyday, probably because I didn’t waste much time doing interesting things. Normally if I feel like this once in a while, I’d be really frustrated about the whole day being boring and useless, and have a strong urge to accomplish something I want to accomplish. But now I don’t. It kinda sucks; I gotta spice it up somehow.

But I am so boringly satisfied I have no motivation to waste my time ):

Onto other things; I left my sketches of the manga pages for next week (and 2 pages from this week) at home. I don’t go home weekly anymore so I don’t know what to do about that. I don’t want to resketch the pages… so I think I gotta find an excuse to go home this week.

Onto more other things. I learned Karma :) hopefully no one will think I learned it because Judy sent me the song and not someone else; I like the song. It sounded kind of power-rangers-ish, but somehow I like it. Incredibly it also fits my voice range except for hte lowest note, which I can still reach with minimal awkwardness. Yelling it is so fun. I put the song on loud hoping no one in the hall hears me. Also Chopin’s 1st piano concerto’s second movement is beautiful. Their little interpretation of it being a memory or a place to remember is so fitting; when I think of things while listening to that song, it gives me goosebumps. His harmonic progressions are so subtle and beautiful and womanly. I rarely ever like slow songs with minimal development, but this one just got me.

The endz0rz!