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slack blacklist

So, surprising circumstances is out to get me and stop me from drawing. I’ve been studying like crazy this week. (ok, with the occasional really really long breaks, which is why I was able to do the picture below) And my parents want me to go back home for reading week (which is normal… who the hell stays in residence with a whole week of school off? nerds) even though I wanted to stay so I can get drawings done and slack and read and do w/e I want. (o damn, I’m a nerd) So I would be at home without a decent computer for a week. What a waste.

Over the course of the past few______ (days, weeks, months, pick one), I thought of a lot of stuff that I really want to do. Mostly unacademic related… but some are academically related. Kind of like goals, or things that are annoying me because I don’t have time to do them. I thought I’d keep a list in case anyone want to suddenly remind me by saying HEY SHILIN WHERE THE HELL IS THAT NEW PIC THAT YOU SAID YOU’D DO or something along that line.

My lovers

    .: CG a picture of Iriel (sketch ready to be cged).
    .: anime north contest entry!
    .: CG that salvation picture.
    .: redo most of volume 1 of blackbird (script ready to be drawn out).
    .: retone the rest of the pages in 300dpi.
    .: write :)
    .: write out those 2 song ideas I have on Reason
    .: be able to draw a set of relevant pictures for an artbook ):

Unimportant things I MEAN academic stuff:

    .: Practice really hard for jury and audition (YEA RIGHT)
    .: practice sight reading mooorrreee (YEA RIGHT)
    .: make feux follet and mephisto waltz into showoff condition (YEA RIGHT)

mebbe I’ll edit this later.

I finally get my sound working again. turns out to be random disconnection problems and confused drivers trying to compete for the job. With that said, I was able to record what I sound like when I sing along to a song so I can be considerate in the future when my roommate is here :) I sing funny because I sing like I am talking. Sometimes I get offtune too, but that was cus I was afraid to be loud cus people outside would hear and go like wtf.

Tuesday night I read my ass off for the history exam, yesterday I researched my ass off for my psychology project (didn’t need to study for theory), and now I am studying my ass off for the history exam part 2. Funny how I didn’t know I have 3 exams this week until last week. Perhaps I shall be more academically aware in the future. or not. Only one more day, Shilin! Only one more day until you can go crazy and go back to doing absolutely nothing productive! so hang in there!