China pic flood!

May 25, 2006 9:44 PM

Finally I’m back! Well actually I was back since Monday, but I was having a lot of jet lag problems (which I didn’t have when I went to China, odd) so I didn’t have the motivation to pick out and edit the photos I took. I am finally kind of normal today in terms of sleeping schedule, so I actually had time. hopefully I’ll change my bio clock back in time for anime north.

The trip was ok; didn’t have too much fun but didn’t bore either. We managed to get to a lot of places despite sudden circumstances that prevented a normal trip. The (restaurant) food there was sooooooo gooooood :D** and stuff is so cheap. Well kinda. I bought a lot of random goodies that my dad would have doubted meaningfulness about. And I went to the salon many many times because they wash my hair very thoroughly, and massages it :D my cousin took me to do aromatherapy too but the guy couldn’t clip up my hair cus I have too much and they are too heavy. All in all, I got to be a visitor of my hometown instead of a resident, and it certainly made the city better. We spent so much money though; especially my mom. She doesn’t really think when she spends money. She used to have good spending morals, but lately she’s becoming an egohead… and after explaining and justifying her actions, she’s becoming a little too over her head. But at least I am benefitting from this, so that’s cool. We had to transfer twice on the plane because of the tickets we bought, and Northwest is NOT a good company so I got motion sickness on the first and last flights on both trips. It was horrible. And the flights were full so we couldn’t claime seats (unlike when we immigrated to canada; that time we each got like 2-3 seats cus no one was there.) But on the plane we sat next to a deaf man; he was really cool :D we “talked” and stuff. And we met a cute lil chinese girl that we thought were japanese too (since our flights pass through japan) until we found out that she lives really close to us.

I also drew (kind of) a lot of sketches and stuff, but most of them can’t be shown cus it’s so unrefined >> I rely on the computer too much to be able to sketch better. Although here’s a part of one of them with the background cut out because it was out of place :l

And here are the pictures (including some 2-3 pictures taken in London a few days before I moved out)! ya they aren’t really great, I’m not a good photographer :l and I also don’t have an affinity to taking pictures of people x) (including myself, though there is a picture of me eating udon at the Tokyo airport)

Oh and I bought artbooks too! (thanks to my cousin’s and Jenny’s advices of looking out at newspaper stands and in a comic city) Finally after so many years, I own artbooks. I didn’t get to pick though; I just bought whatever that’s there cus it was so rare. Victory!::


  • Nice……I’m going to Tokyo and stopover and Hong Kong for my post-PSLE trip…and you’ve convinced me that both are nice places…

  • Where were you in China? The landscapes are beautiful..
    My mom has given me the job of shopping for clothes for her=loads of money for me=loads of figurines+art books+clothes I can buy.
    Even though the Chinese tend to spell Superman as Sperman.. (saw a t-shirt like that)

  • Ne… I’ve been to that shopping mall when I was in Guangzhou x3 I’ve also been on that bridge..

    Hahahaha~ I don’t know if you went to the same seaworld as me but I went to one as well =)

    Homg Shilin’s fingerprints are in the same building as mine =D

  • @ mei, I have no idea xDDD