New Layout Complete

June 22, 2006 3:10 PM

AND MY NEW LAYOUT IS COMPLETED. (except for the blog and guestbook pages) Please feel free to test everything out at:
and notify me of errors, typos and such! feedbacks (especially crits) MUCH needed, especially at ease of navigation, resolution/connection-speed-friendliness, and BACKGROUND MUSIC. THANKS!

Beware of the 18+ pic when going through my gallery


  • in the FAQ: “…assuming basic Photoshop master is acquired by hte reader.” small typo there. :)

    ohh and is the bgm from the lotr soundtrack? :D

  • the sections don’t work if the whole gallery fits on the screen, because it simply scrolls down and if it can’t scroll further, it’ll just leave it there. And the horizontal size is made for 1024×658 or higher x( sorry

  • kay now.
    maybe it’s just me, but the horizontal size seems too big. I’m having to scroll.

    & on the gallery, the links for the sections (like ro, blackbird, ect) don’t seem to quite work right.

    or maybe it’s just my safari. :/ idk.

    otherwise, it’s really lovely.

  • a) you need to update your updates on the front page
    b) doesn’t have an index page.
    c) a couple broken link banners

  • i should have bolded that warning on this blog entry instead of the rest of the entry lol;; I’m so sorry. I will filter it in a way when I get to replace all the pictures; I am using php to create the gallery now so I couldn’t make exceptions (or it’ll be troublesome)

    Thanks for all the error spotting!

  • I spot some errors too.
    1. The bgm music is not “Meet Again”. isn’t it? It’s a different song.
    2. The thumbnails on the wallpaper section are broken.
    3. In your FAQ section can you make the phrase “About the Plot” bigger and bold? It kinda blends in with the answer.
    4. Aww, my link exchange button doesn’t load. XP

    Other than that, splendid layout!! I can’t wait for the final one. :D

  • the biggest thing that sticks out to me, is you forgot the warning for the phoenix down image and Krost pointed out the rest

  • Krost

    Oops.. I think I found another one…
    Under the goodies section.
    Piano Sheet Music
    There’s a double “for”.

  • Krost

    I think I spotted 2 errors..

    1)[ Miscellangeous. ] Other originals, fanarts, and commissions.
    2) In the BLACKBIRD section, it says NEW with the thumbnail of “Where hope Lies.”

    Oh and BTW I really think you should put the stuff before the M18 pic to ensure that no kid under 18 *likemecoughcoughlol* would uh… see that kind of stuff immediately?