August 1, 2006 9:51 PM

Since I have nothing to post and seem to have forgotten about my lovely digicam, here are some photos that sat in the hard disk for a while. no pics of me tho.



  • Katie-chan hobbit

    The color of the wood on your stairs rule. Cute Kitty too.

  • she has no name ): she’s just being called cat cat in chinese, as is the other one xD

  • Oops, comment got cut off! DX

    *cont* What’s that cat’s name? I wanna hug her! Wait…I’m allergic to cats… No fair!!! DX

  • Is that your house? Sugoi! It looks so …….(searching for the right word, gives up) …..nice! (Why can’t I find the right word?!)

    I like that stairway design. My house is so plain. D: And those plants. My garden doesn’t have anything fancy…

    And look, you got some wood stuff! (whatever it is…XD;;;) My house is white and brown polished marble, white and brown polished marble, white and brown polished marble…. Eww…>.

  • Winzie

    Feck your house is so pretty ;_; +steals slippers+