ImagineFX arrived!

August 2, 2006 1:51 PM

Omg a package from Switzerland :D Even though it only featured me on 1 page with 2 lil pictures, it’s still very very uberly awesome!

(I didn’t draw the one on the cover btw, if you can’t tell already :p)


  • cindy neko

    You’re amazing. I wish I had a copy of that magazine.^^

  • raviquae

    OH EM GEE! congratulations!! your skills totally deserve the publicity!! :D

  • Wow! This is really awesome and spiffy. Congratulations! They may be ‘small’ but they are enough to capture anyone’s attention to go ‘HWA WHA SHILIN zOMGosh -chases on DevArt-‘ Yay. We all love that. God bless you!

  • luckyiota

    how exciting for you~!!!! you must have been so thrill that your head exploded! wait, that’s bad, please, don’t ever let your head explode xD but anyway, CONGRATS~!!! that’s a big stepping stone to receive such recognition! =]

  • yay!!! congrats =D *envies you forever*

  • OMG shilin u got published! In something other than our yearbook, lol although we did print like 1000+ copies of that so u already have ur work printed like thousands of times. Congrats!!!

  • Katie-chan hobbit

    Congrates. Thats super cool to be highlighted in a magzine like that. Sweet.

  • Reine de Chaos

    Wow that’s so cool!!! lol I want one too XD