bye bye Microtek SlimScan

October 15, 2006 8:26 PM

Not that I don’t love you, but you are getting a little old for your kind (6 years!) and prefers to use a backdoor that’s out of fashion (pci…), you lag my baby (computer) when you scan and my new love Lexmark is just much more efficient, higher quality, not to mention it is also multi-talented (printing, copy, etc).

Oh, and it also looks about 50000 times sexier <3



  • Chiyoko

    Waaaaaaaooh!!! I have the same scanner as you now ~.^

  • raviquae

    lol. i’d love a new scanner… or a 6 year old one… or just my own computer… but schmexy scanner though… :D its purtyful!!

  • Catriona

    rofl, I thought it was a DVD player at first, and then I read the title and then content. shows how bad my attention span is. :[

  • it almost looks like a dvd player xD

  • o.0 scanners were around then? j/k
    ahaha that’s so funny.. I dunno I could see your scanner in some.. sci fi thing.. “SCANNERS TAKE OVER THE PLANET”!!

  • Roots

    Reading that made me laugh so hard!

  • Ankaa

    Holy crap! 6 year old scanner! Dang.

    Your new scanner sounds awesome. ^^ And looks awesome too!