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I got the sleep/wake early thing working… I’ve been practicing for a healthy amount of time every morning before classes; I’m trying to get up even earlier, but that leaves me pretty sleepy halfway through the day (and falling asleep in some of the less important classes. It’s 8pm now and I’m painfully sleepy…. I am practically working at opposite hours of my summer operation hours, I hope that won’t drive me insane and stuff. Nonetheless the mornings had been chilly and beautiful, and beautiful things make me happy

It’s the beginning of the term and I already roped myself into playing a bunch of accompaniment stuff for other people in the faculty outside of my accompanying-for-credit course. I’m a terrible reader, which means the stuff I take on will cost me a lot of my time… the last time I forced myself to do this for my own good, I don’t remember improving too much at the end of it; so was this a bad choice…? I’ve thought over this thing about forcing myself to do things I can’t really do many times over the years in various situations, and I really rather to do what I want to do and settle for “enough” is good than trying to be like the people I look up to. But without knowing it, I’m back…

and I haven’t drawn anything for a long time. I rather miss it. But from how I’m doing right now, it doesn’t look like I’ll have much of a chance to do anything in the near future. I sketched some dolls and music box ballerinas because of a piece by Ravel I’m currently studying and because I’m attracted by their creepiness, none of them have CG potential though.

Wait no wonder I don’t have time to draw them, CUS i SPEND ALL MY TIME ON TALKING/TYPING ABOUT THE FACT THAT I HAVE NO TIME! oh the irony

Anyway here’s a sketch of chillaxdom…

and here’s a video of Shanghai traffic of awesome. it brings memories of my last trip to china and how much i despise china…

Oh the humanity

Waking up early is terrible, almost as terrible as THIS!!

Back to school ”’orz

For the coming year, my classes consist of 1 class daily at 9:30 AM, and a bunch of practice hours before/after that. So like coming from a 3AM-12PM schedule over the summer I KNEW IT WASN’T GOING TO BE GREAT. well it was ok the first day… I was at school from 9 til 7 and came back dead, but I always feel tired and come home and re-energize when I sit in front of the computer again. I didn’t want to coooook, I didn’t want to go to schooooOOOLLLLLLLLLLLL OMGGGGGGGG WHINEZZZZ

Anyway I saw some frosh week party setups on my way to class… and feel like I’m in a kindergarten. The blown up playgrounds are so LAME LOOKING and there was a drive-in ferris wheel and purple people and stuff. My assigned practice room in the building has some HARDCORE players that practice all day that signed up for all of the timeslots; the only slots left were 8:30 in the morning and some other times when I have class =( then I finished class and had to wait for an audition at the end of the day; there was nothing to do, nowhere to go, so I practiced for like 4 hours (only because my watch was behind for 1 hour) to make up for the complete lack of practice over the past 3 weeks. Though 4 hours is nothing at all to most of the serious high-end students there >>

I bought a microphone too, to record my own playing for myself to listen to. hopefully playback will help me hear things that I don’t normally hear and improve my playing and judgment. That is also to hope that I can have something else to post on here, and to hope that this will pressure me to produce even better playing that won’t embarrass me on ze intrawebs.

annnd I made a chatroom on DA since I heard of the many risks that the average IRC newbie would encounter when hosting a channel. It exploded a few times when famous people plugged it… but otherwise it’s pretty civil and pointless/random and dominated by people I don’t know well. I’ll just add water and see what it grows into… unless there are some convenient chat alternatives that I’m not aware of!

Here’s the ferris wheel of doom

And here’s a STARTER for a hopefully incredibly distracted school year… You see I don’t even care for variety anymore… just wanna draw whatever I feel like for these occasions, even if that means drawing the same looking sketches of the same person many many many many many many times