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Yes my life is so interesting, I had to post up things that my friends tell me.

diewsOn: HAHAHA my voicemail owns
diewsOn: i triecked so many people
Dmunkeh: wat is it
diewsOn: its
diewsOn: Hello?
diewsOn: hello?
diewsOn: hold on
diewsOn: hello? whos this?
Dmunkeh: LOL
diewsOn: hello? i cant hear you clearly
diewsOn: LOLOL
diewsOn: then DOOOOOOOOT please leave a voice message
diewsOn: mad epoeple fall for it
diewsOn: and the other day
diewsOn: my friend called
diewsOn: she hates my voicemail
diewsOn: she always says
diewsOn: wel when ever i pick up
diewsOn: i hear her say in the background
diewsOn: ‘omg i swear this better not be his voicemail
diewsOn: LOL
diewsOn: im like HELLO?
diewsOn: ITS NOT
diewsOn: so like the other day
diewsOn: she called rah
diewsOn: im like hello?
diewsOn: i hear her say taht again
diewsOn: im like hello?
diewsOn: whos this?
diewsOn: LOL
diewsOn: i pretended to be my voicemail HAHAHA
shes like
diewsOn: hello?
diewsOn: O DAMN IT
diewsOn: im like please leave a msg
diewsOn: and she hung up
Dmunkeh: LOLOL
diewsOn: then i called her back
diewsOn: and like
diewsOn: THAT WAS ME