leet spam

December 13, 2007 11:18 PM


  • I question gmail’s spam filter.. I mean, I question the spam, like why is there so much?
    x_x omg try and make it reach 1mil.

  • google catches spam, doesn’t mean it deletes them automatically, that’s why it’s in the spam folder xD

  • Nari-chan

    How do you get so many spams on Gmail? D:
    My Gmail is spamproof. It’s my yahoo that has a bunch of spams XD

  • omfg!! XD LOL, for someone who hates spam as much as you it must be a real pain xD. i kinda feel sorry, cuz with one of my e-mail accounts, i thought that i had a lot of spams in the junk box… 5 to 30 daily… now that i see this SS, i realise one of the reasons why you hate spam. (not that i don’t hate it, but oh well, it’s not like i’d like to be in the place of the guy who dares spam your site’s chatboard, blog, guestbook either xXD) oh no, i’m flooding AGAIN xD.