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New year spam+stuff

First of all, Happy new year~

(this wasn’t a new year pic; it’s actually a commissioned sketch)

Moving on, the year ended… 5 days ago. I guess I’m gonna copy my friends and summarize my year…


  • Had the chance to be the student of 2 super awesome professional renowned fun piano teachers, learned a lot from them.
  • First time going to conventions around the continent, met a lot of friends online, had a lot of fun, saw a lot of weird people, and made a lot of $.
  • New computer with ownage specs?? (for a newbie anyway)
  • Relationship with family is better now.
  • I am more open to people around me in school now and I tried to be cool with more people.
  • Told certain people things that I’ve been keeping to myself, thus resolving some lame personal issues…?


  • I’m still as lazy as I usually am…
  • Started playing a game and wasted so much time on it, having fun or not having fun.
  • Lost something I tried so hard to acquire/not lose D:
  • I sort of lost control over my brain? kind of noticed that I say and do stupid shit that made me regret instantly a lot more often…
  • Had like, the worst time of my life amidst exams and holidays so I got nothing done whatsoever!
  • I didn’t make much progress on Blackbird or do much art ”’orz

Every year of my life gets more heated and intense, I wonder what state of burning hell I’ll be when I’m like 40! I actually forgot to make new year resolutions as I don’t do any of the planned stuff anyway… but I’ll plan regardless so I can look back in the future and laugh?
So my resolutions will be….

  • Be less lazy (but that’s not possible)
  • forget about what happened (that’s not possible either)
  • Find out what I really want to do as a career, how far I want to go, how much I want to achieve, etc.
  • Make more progress in Blackbird and draw more art than this year, work for those manga books and artbooks I want to make(hopefully this will be an easy one since I did like nothing last year…)
  • Be healthier, eat more, gain weight, exercise. I have food piled ready for this one… and DDR coming soon!
  • Hopefully go outside more. I know I enjoy it, I just don’t get up (yes, get up, not get out) enough. For this, I should…
  • Get closer to my rl friends! Even if some of them are all weird and shit HEHEHEHE says the weirdo
  • And not to forget to be thankful for what I already have, even though I always always forget…

now… watch I forget this faster than you can say “LOL”

Should’ve separated this entry into like 3 separate entries… then at least my blog would appear to be more active LOL D: School again on Monday, then I have to race race race in the concerto competition. I quit the game I’ve been playing, so hopefully that will free up a lot of time for me to return to my previous state of school/browse/art. The Shilin has recovered from her slump (what was I thinking I could forget and forgive so easily lol) and will try to make a come back.

Lastly, enjoy this video of a high Brit reporter.