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ahhhhhhh 1 week of school gone by and so much lame stuff. I made such a bad start of the term by missing 3 out of my 6 classes this weeks (2 intentional, 1 overslept loooool |: ). I didn’t practice much, though I did start practicing the Prokofiev concerto with my accompanist this week and made a lot of progress–she’s soooooooo awesome! I just have to make sure I do the best I can about getting every single note and not taking too much liberties or zoning out, and get my instructor to listen to it. I ate a lot more than last semester and tried my best to as much this-is-good-for-your-health foods. Hopefully I will gain some Kgs before I get DDR, so I can get in shape with it instead of become a stickman. I also tried to be more responsive to people… but that didn’t work too well and I feel like a retarded weirdo, so I’m not sure what to do.

After falling in love with La Valse by Ravel, I’ve decided to check out the orchestral versions. Saw Sir Simon Rattle with the Berlin Phil on youtube and I was IMPRESSED. So much of the possibilities I’ve heard in the piano version came real in this video and the movement and excitement (and cynicism) are carried out very well. I went ahead and borrowed some CDs from our library hoping to find a similarly great rendition, but I couldn’t. The closest I found was the Berlin Phil conducted by someone else, but this version is a little draggy. I wonder if I love Rattle’s version this much only because I can see his gestures and take it as part of the expression I hear, but I doubt it. I heard Bernstein’s versions the best (lol what can’t he do) but I couldn’t find it D: hopefully I can play it next year. Sometimes I wish I could conduct, but I have poor body movement coordination, and having to act like I’m insane in front of a group of people and an audience is just something I can’t do LOL;;

Onto less nerdy topics (or I supposed topics of a different kind of nerdiness); I was originally planning to not attend conventions this year because I have no works prepared, but my AN registration from my grand prize last year rolled over and arrived yesterday, so impulsive me decided that I’ll be going. I am going to enter the contest for AN again since last year’s gave me a veeerry nice spot at the Artist Alley HEHEHEHH I’m not sure if I could pull off another winning entry though; my current idea looks pretty similar to last year’s.

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