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WIP and photos are at the bottom of the post, but first…

WHAT A LAME WEEK. Tuesday marked my epic defeat as I forgot my house keys at home, didn’t bring my ipod, have no laptop, manager is absent and no way of contacting my roommates, resulting in my lock-out with absolutely nothing to do to pass time. Wednesday had some peaceful moments. Thursday I stayed for a long time to practice for the concerto competition today and was tired as hell. Friday I waited for a long time for a masterclass that I thought would start sooner and didn’t have lunch because of that, I also forgot my binder at school inside a practice room. Yesterday I forgot the binder AGAIN, and my roommate shorted the circuit and I lost some progress on a drawing. Today the bus schedule was not what I expected and I almost missed it, and lastly, I played horrible wrong notes at the concerto competition and DIDN’T BOW WOW. And there’s an assignment that is due tomorrow that I haven’t started…

Now that I listed all of them out, it seems most of it is the result of my carelessness and forgetfulness. where is my concentration and focus this week? Though I did sleep well and eat well most of the week, I just forgot to drink much water and now I’m kinda dry… I don’t want to work on stuff I don’t care about and I don’t want to get continuously shot down for doing stuff I don’t care about; I need a break and I need inspiration.

I should go out, to a mall, to a museum, to some beautiful places )=

Anyway, here is a peek at my anime north contest entry… it’s actually quite similar to what has been done by myself and others before, since I’m horribly uncreative:

And lunch that I arranged out of boredom: (didn’t have much variety to work with though)

And a picture I took a long time ago of morning sun-rays and fog near my faculty building at like 7 in the morning. LOOK ASHEN RAY LOOOOOL!!! :|