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October 29, 2008 5:28 PM

I usually keep my curtains closed so I don’t really see what’s going on outside. Forgot to check weather before leaving today, and walked into like 10cm of snow with my autumn jacket. It was still snowing when I was on my way to school so I took some pics. Minus the slush… snow is pretty nice. Rain is better though.

I don’t look very far beyond the path I take daily to get to school, so most of my school photos look the same…. lol

And some stuff I found in the camera that I never posted


  • o_o heyy how come whenever yu take a picture of the sky..its like beautiful. xD must always be pretty where you live.

  • ahh I see, well thank you very much for the replies! I’m gonna go check them out soon ^^

  • nope. first come first serve for all practice rooms (even the grands, except you can get kicked out during your stay), and once you’re in there you can horde it forever. There was an etiquette policy where you have to leave after a few hours so other people can get a chance, and if you leave your stuff in the room but you’re not there for 20+ minutes, it’s free for all, but people these days don’t have manners anymore so no one cares anymore ;(

  • ahh, didn’t show up–what I meant to say was, do you have to sign up for the upright piano rooms?

  • awesome! Thanks ^^ One more question >

  • Anybody can use the pianos in Music Building, it’s just that if you decide to take one of the big rooms on the second floor (the grand piano rooms), performance majors might kick you out when it’s their time slot, like they do to any other non performance major music students. The rooms you can use are up-right piano rooms on the second and third floor across from the grand rooms.

  • Hey Shilin!
    Ahh, I’m really sorry that I’m asking this question in the wrong place, but I don’t want to freak you out by sending you an email XD
    I was wondering for TC, are there like pianos rooms that are free for non-music students on campus to use? I can’t go to the rez ones anymore ’cause I don’t live there =( I don’t know anyone from the music dept, so I don’t really know who to ask this question to; I’ve just overheard about the pianos on the bus lol
    Thanks ^^

  • The snow combined with the fall leaves is really pretty, if only Toronto could get a LITTLE, just a little snow. Not like the 5-6 storms we had last year.

  • Tomoki

    wow, SNOW! I’ve never seen snow my entire life….OTL Always been heaaaaat and raaaaaain and heaaaaaat all year round. Haha~