January 9, 2009 12:49 PM

This is from a class recital we did back in October. As you can see I wasn’t very prepared lolol. I guess I’ll do better next time

click here to listen to the mp3

school sucks but at least the theory prof does lectures this term instead of class discussions and I’m getting a lot more out of it. the rest…. idk

angel incantation getting heal bombed by a friend

server pic which just turned out to be mostly a dc/wf/si/valhalla alliance pic ):


  • richie: it’s Ondine from Gaspards de la Nuit by Ravel, so close!
    piyo: I am supposed to practice at least 4 hours a day but I don’t lol;;; some days I don;t practice ):

  • Lilium Bell

    I remember hearing that song like… years ago when you posted it up the forums. =) It got me into Ravel. Still sounds amazing.

    /creepy stalker reminiscing >_>;;

  • Beautiful recording! How long do you practice everyday? It sounded so professional! I bet you’ll do great things with your music degree!

  • isn’t is strange that we hate school !?

    .. i hate it at first but as i say before after i graduate from SHJ university, i felt how the school is the good thing happened for us ..

  • richie

    wonderful, really. What song is that? Sounds like Debussy to me…

    thats the way, post more songs, yay!