January 14, 2009 12:31 PM

last night’s recital, Waldestein first movement!

click here to listen

Once again I wasn’t as prepared as I liked, because I left it for a while since I was more comfortable with it than other pieces I have to learn. I also played it too fast now that I listen to it, which seems to be a common problem in my playing :I


  • richie

    Oh my the piano is the most beautiful instrument.
    And you play it well.

    I do it too, playing faster than it’s soupposed to! :O

  • That is awesome! Lucky you for having such a great roommate XD I’ve never been to vKH before…actually I still haven’t found the time to play in one of the music rooms lol

    Anyways, I hope you’ll keep posting recordings of your performances, I’ve really enjoyed listening to them!^^

  • Every performance done in vKH is recorded, and my roommate works for the recording studio this year so she took out my recordings for me :D vkh is leet, my module is not though LOL;; lots of work ):

  • You are amazing! gah, all those ppl applauding you at the end! Your degree module seems like it’s so much fun!

    …did you have this professionally recorded? The sound quality is excellent, IMO.

  • oh sorry, fixed!

  • Ruina

    It could be just me, but the link doesn’t work. T.T