Test pages DX

April 4, 2010 8:32 PM

Test pages done on 8×11! I wanted to see if I can draw on bigger pages before I really do it for volume 2 of Blackbird. I was originally going to do it with a Blackbird scene but I ended up not wanting to spoil anything ): so RANDOM RO SCENE IT IS.

I did 2 versions. I kinda like the manga-feel on the unshaded version, but at the same time, if I can shade it really quick and add to the finish of the page, why not right? idk I’ll see.

I kinda wish I had all the time in the world though ]: who doesn’t! I wish I could draw this RO story and colour all those RO sketches I did last year, but original stuff is always > fan stuff in terms of priority for me. RIP RO ):


  • wut you big liar YES SHE IS USING ICEWALL

  • Jenny

    I lul at the fact that she’s not using ice wall.


    I can’t believe I’m still on your site LOLOLOL i’m gonna fail this n_N

  • Stupid thing ate my comment DX. I meant to say, “I just saw this in my dA in box…”AND I like the shaded version as you don’t see many manga pages with really detailed shading.


  • lmao the rape thing is what my friend said too XD

  • Ariel

    omg this looks soo awsome !O.O and what mixu said…MARRY ME!!
    ( 1st panel looks like girl on girl rape to me but im just soo tired and cant think straight atm *thinking retarded*) but that was because i didnt understand what was going on at 1st and then i saw the hp and was like WTH? o.o

  • Marry me :(

  • Vayga

    Oh cool~ I like the shaded version better, it seems a little easier to read. :> (And *prettier* >w

  • Just saw this in my dA inbox