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This recently arrived in the mail! It’s a steampunk necklace from Simply Willow. It looks sooooo nice (as you can see :D) and I finally gave in and bought it even though it was so expensive LOL. I saved the image from an ad I saw from it MANY MANY years ago online because I liked it. Then I came across the file in the last few weeks and decided to google and check it out, and omg it has so much cool stuff ): Sucks I can only oogle at the rest of it because of their prices.

I’m leaving for Baltimore tomorrow for Otakon this weekend (: BY CAR (:!!!! for a 9 hour drive YAYYYY……… I’d put on my headphones and listen to music for 9 hours but that’s kinda cruel to my dad who will be driving ): I’ll be seeing a lot of old faces since I haven’t been to a con outside of Toronto for a few years, and I haven’t talked to these people much recently because we’re all busy. It shall be a MOST INTRIGUING EXPERIENCE.

I am pretty happy with my work progress in the few weeks leading up to today; I’ve managed to finish everything I wanted to finish before the con so none of my clients are kept waiting unexpectedly. I’ve got a lot of crap to do after I get back, but having lots of work is good! It means I can keep doing what I’m doing, at least for the near future. It’s just unfortunate that I have to push a lot of personal stuff out of the way to make time for work, like that website revamp that went on hiatus after the draft, and the 3 character portraits I have yet to do, and the abysmally slow Blackbird updates I’ve been pulling off ]: But sacrifices must be made for a good (?) cause!

edit: oh and have a villain! she’s not supposed to be this young (just a few years older) but I find chibis easier to deal with when designing outfits. I’d colour it for easier comprehension but I don’t have any colour scheme in mind ): she reminds me of chibiusa LOL so now my mental image of this pic is like all pink

See you when I get back :D


One of the people suggested on my journal to draw a fight scene, I don’t know if this is what I want to continue/finish though
This is totally the result of me being unable to get over the part in Dead Fantasy where they fall and fight, except this would logically last maybe like 3 seconds instead of 3 minutes, and this is not epically choreographed like DF LOL

as I drew this I also realized the irony of this picture, that even though Veloce is supposed to be the magic user, Blackbird is the one being fancy

the WIP-&-music formula

looks like all my recent blog entries are like this for some reason

and here’s one of the few pieces I really indulge in from the slow-and-peaceful collective!

Going to Otakon next week :D Then to NYC outlets as per my mom’s request afterward.


I’m trying to make Blackbird more detailed and professional, and the first step is to not slack off on anything, including backgrounds right? I REGRET IT SLIGHTLY NOW because I spent forever drawing these boxes of houses and they still don’t look good because the paper is not big enough, and I gave up using ruler for every single house. In the end the shades covered up most of everything ): BETTER LUCK NEXT TOWN

Also a random scrap inspired by a commercial

and the song for the commercial! the title is “Por Una Cabeza”; it’s a song with singing but I am more attracted to this chamber version. It’s so stylish, I want to play it fff

Lastly I’m in LOVE with Shin Angyo Onshi. I first read it a few months back when my friend introduced it to me, and I enjoyed it very much back then, but recently I went back to read it again and I’m now obsessed over it. There are some things about it that I wish was better but they don’t change how much GENIUS this story is. The art and story telling is phenomenal and I wonder why it’s not famous. I want to buy the books cus I love it soooo much but I don’t think it’s published in English WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY. there’s no artbooks or anything AND THE ANIMATED FILM VERSION IS CRAP ]: sad panda

Work and Play

I love work

And I love play

well obviously this is not my play but it’s the most hilarious RO video in history imo