July 13, 2010 1:04 PM

I’m trying to make Blackbird more detailed and professional, and the first step is to not slack off on anything, including backgrounds right? I REGRET IT SLIGHTLY NOW because I spent forever drawing these boxes of houses and they still don’t look good because the paper is not big enough, and I gave up using ruler for every single house. In the end the shades covered up most of everything ): BETTER LUCK NEXT TOWN

Also a random scrap inspired by a commercial

and the song for the commercial! the title is “Por Una Cabeza”; it’s a song with singing but I am more attracted to this chamber version. It’s so stylish, I want to play it fff

Lastly I’m in LOVE with Shin Angyo Onshi. I first read it a few months back when my friend introduced it to me, and I enjoyed it very much back then, but recently I went back to read it again and I’m now obsessed over it. There are some things about it that I wish was better but they don’t change how much GENIUS this story is. The art and story telling is phenomenal and I wonder why it’s not famous. I want to buy the books cus I love it soooo much but I don’t think it’s published in English WHAT IS THIS BLASPHEMY. there’s no artbooks or anything AND THE ANIMATED FILM VERSION IS CRAP ]: sad panda


  • wow port erin just like my name xD

  • Hi I'm going to start stalking this blog now :D I've been a fan of your stuff for some months now so I feel bad that I only realized you had a blog – with really awesome previews and sketches too! :(

    And yay! I'm glad you like Shin Angyo Onshi! It's honestly one of the most epic things I have ever read. The detail of the story, the depth of the characters, MUNSU'S IMMORALITY (somewhat). At one point, I actually wanted to learn Korean so I could buy the real things because it's just so awesome (I still kinda want to do it).

    Blackbird is actually similar to Shin Angyo Onshi in terms of detail and story depth. You've put so much thought into the world of Maelstrom and your drawing of Fort Erin :3 Also, it's okay if the shades hide the detail. It gives it a feeling of depth and attention at least :)

    Okay. Long comment is long. I will run away now D:

    (Also: BxV please :D)

    • Yeah I'm so surprised that it isn't published in the english world yet, probably because of dumb laws that made the 18+ parts hard to be safely published or something… it is apparently published in french, hungarian and german ): SO SAD

    • :[ The 18+ parts aren't that bad. Not as bad as a ton of other stuff available in English anyway. Besides, the manhwa has good intentions in the end D: Will pay lots for English version plz.

      YES BXV. My (once) secret OTP.

  • ooo, nice houses! All the little details build up from one another, so don't worry about them not showing up ^^

    oo, and the commercial. har har, I think I know which one you're talking about–it's the condominium one right? XD And yes, it IS so stylish, I wanna live there!!! OTL

  • Minichrome

    I don't get how it's not a detailed background! It's amazing, I would never even try to do it as detailed as you did :I

    What is Shin Angyo Onshi about?

    • It's detailed but it's not neat LOL.
      shin angyo onshi is a really serious story that follows an ex general's journey through conflict-filled countries after the collapse of a big empire. it's really hard to summarize but that's the main story that drives the plot!

  • Catriona

    Buy the manga from I bought Star Ocean BS from there and shipping/quality was good, but they didn't have the full set. They did at one point but I put my order too late. ):

    • I just searched there and like half of the series is out of stock ): I AM SO SAD. do they ever restock on old stuff like this?

    • Catriona

      OK since I can't reply to Shilin I'll reply to myself. seeing how I ordered SO:BS years ago and the missing volumes are still "temporarily out of stock" I guess no. ): It says in their Q&A that they can be contacted to attempt to find items, but that depends how desperate you are.

      Another place you could try is this manga-renting store in Toronto whose name I forgot. *SUPERHELPFUL* I know they're located by some of the T&Ts. They only let you rent mangas but they tend to stock rare, obscure ones so if you happen to see it or know what I'm talking about maybe you can ask people there where they order from.

    • LOL I once came across a manga rental store in pmall, and seriously considered to pay the deposit and never return the books just ot have them LMAO. I didn't do it ):

  • The screentone work is amazing, I'm afraid to ask how long it took XP! Good luck with making the comic more detailed :D!

    • the page actually didn't take all that long, just a bit long for one panel of nothing but background ]:

  • woah, that's a detailed background. I hope you won't lose the spirit for it!

    And nice, a completed comic. This fact itself it sounds interesting because it leaves hope for the plot xD And since you're recommending it for this… /brb reading

    • LOL yeah I still can't get over how some good series go down the shitters because it got popular and won't end ):

  • Darkhikari

    OMG. Can it really become moar professional?? I thought it was already super pro already @__@

    lol at first I thought the commercial was for shampoo or something because of the title. Me liek the song. If you end up learning it, please record it or something. I wanna hear you play :DDD

    and woohoo, another manga to add to my list!

  • rozen~

    yea, it looks grrreat!
    but um, how do professionals do it? Like, do they have assistants and all?? Or they draw everything? :0

    • I think most professionals have assistants, and if I am not mistaken, most of them have background artists, etc. No excuse for me to slack off though still ):

  • Good job on the details. It doesn't look that bad. Actually it looks very good. 8D And I'll have to check out that manga. If you say it's good, it surely must be.