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Paradise #5

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I can’t believe I’m actually working on the new website layout I’ve been talking about for a year. I also can’t believe I’ve kept this theme across every single version of my layouts, although this one is largely just a copy/redraw/improvement of the last one. I had thought about going for the professional look like everyone else and putting an actual illustration as the header to represent my art better, but I decided to just do that with content layout, and preserve this ridiculous happy pastel world I’ve created. It totally looks NOTHING like what I normally draw lol

And so, as per usual, you can see my test page here as I slowly work on it: It features broken stuff everywhere, gibberish and the occasional coding explosion because I’m a noob.

Cat on a desk

It has been a long time since my cats got a cameo! But once again I only have pics of the kitler since the big cat doesn’t like to do anything interesting ):

Since my summer retreat to the basement to avoid AC bills, my cat has enjoyed sitting next to me greatly. First it was just my seat, then my armrest, and recently she’s moved onto the desk. She likes to watch me draw and try to catch my pencil (aside from being kawaii it’s also VERY ANNOYING LOL) but when she’s tired she just bums there. So I took some pics! (the towel on me is because I just washed my hair)


she’s THAT GOOD OK sitting comfortably half on desk half on armrest

don’t mind her 4 ears from my hand shake ): BUT THAT’S BASICALLY WHAT SHE’S LIKE WHEN I WORK


With complimentary wallotxt

+1 class variety to my RO collection! a soul linker using a soul linker soul link HARHARHAR

And instead of working on a set of new pages I treat myself by making some random design that I can’t logically use for at least 7 more chapters

once again idk why everything is slanted… and I don’t understand why I don’t draw out a proper figure before I draw on clothing design and now she looks funny

More random thoughts about the design because changing her appearance is fun to think about for some reason. MAYBE I JUST LIKE TO WASTE TIME THINKING ABOUT TRIVIAL DETAILS

WIP + Bahamut

She looked so much like Blackbird at one point in sketch mode lmao

Ugh I slept late last night, then woke up a few times for extended periods in the middle of the night because some random pollen allergy I’ve been getting lately. I eventually gave up and used the allergy spray my dad gave me and it MADE IT WORSE. Then I got woken up pretty early (for my standards) by the door bell for some packages; turns out they’re cushart’s artbooks and the bahamut figure that I bought from 2 weeks ago. So I was all overexcited and tired/sleepy at the same time unwrapping them and had a super hard time putting his tail together and sticking the stand up his ass… BUT HERE HE IS IN ALL HIS GLORY I’m so happy he got here alive






The future

SHHHH says (12:09 AM):
*feels weird to be the first generation for every web technology
*imagine when we’re 50
*and our kids go like why’s there 500 other people with the same name
*as me
SHHHH says (12:10 AM):
*or like why is every username taken
Alex says (12:10 AM):
*>_< SHHHH says (12:10 AM): *become meaningless to have a facebook url *because every good one woudl be taken *every domain name would be taken SHHHH says (12:11 AM): *and there's no reset or wipe button *need internet 2.0 :) Alex says (12:11 AM): *someonoe will create Alex says (12:12 AM): *a new net *i'll be *spidernet *or outernet SHHHH says (12:12 AM): *outernet Alex says (12:14 AM): *it'll just be built on top of internet *andthan *internet would be like umm *ruins *\:)/ SHHHH says (12:14 AM): *wtf ruins :(!!! SHHHH says (12:15 AM): *today's archeological dig discovered another part of the internet *buried with thousands of ancient japan style artworks called anime Alex says (12:16 AM): *:)!! Alex says (12:17 AM): *recent dicovery shoes anime shares a close relation *w/ cartoons inthe us *shows** SHHHH says (12:18 AM): *controvercial pdf found that debates the difference between anime and cartoon *mysteriously large amounts of ancient artworks pertaining to a not yet discovered species called mudkip Alex says (12:19 AM): *a surprising discovery found in the ruins of the internet today Alex says (12:20 AM): *old shrines of mudkip have been discovered SHHHH says (12:20 AM): *more volumes of the literature masterpiece "bleach" has been found SHHHH says (12:21 AM): *swordgun discovered and our engineer has not yet deciphered its intricate technology Alex says (12:23 AM): *the outernet has been attack by what were once called forum trolls *these forum trolls have infected more than 50% of the outernets population Alex says (12:24 AM): *creating more forum trolls *the horror *poor future