The future

August 19, 2010 12:28 AM

SHHHH says (12:09 AM):
*feels weird to be the first generation for every web technology
*imagine when we’re 50
*and our kids go like why’s there 500 other people with the same name
*as me
SHHHH says (12:10 AM):
*or like why is every username taken
Alex says (12:10 AM):
*>_< SHHHH says (12:10 AM): *become meaningless to have a facebook url *because every good one woudl be taken *every domain name would be taken SHHHH says (12:11 AM): *and there's no reset or wipe button *need internet 2.0 :) Alex says (12:11 AM): *someonoe will create Alex says (12:12 AM): *a new net *i'll be *spidernet *or outernet SHHHH says (12:12 AM): *outernet Alex says (12:14 AM): *it'll just be built on top of internet *andthan *internet would be like umm *ruins *\:)/ SHHHH says (12:14 AM): *wtf ruins :(!!! SHHHH says (12:15 AM): *today's archeological dig discovered another part of the internet *buried with thousands of ancient japan style artworks called anime Alex says (12:16 AM): *:)!! Alex says (12:17 AM): *recent dicovery shoes anime shares a close relation *w/ cartoons inthe us *shows** SHHHH says (12:18 AM): *controvercial pdf found that debates the difference between anime and cartoon *mysteriously large amounts of ancient artworks pertaining to a not yet discovered species called mudkip Alex says (12:19 AM): *a surprising discovery found in the ruins of the internet today Alex says (12:20 AM): *old shrines of mudkip have been discovered SHHHH says (12:20 AM): *more volumes of the literature masterpiece "bleach" has been found SHHHH says (12:21 AM): *swordgun discovered and our engineer has not yet deciphered its intricate technology Alex says (12:23 AM): *the outernet has been attack by what were once called forum trolls *these forum trolls have infected more than 50% of the outernets population Alex says (12:24 AM): *creating more forum trolls *the horror *poor future


  • Shaolin

    That is if 4chan has yet to self-destruct the fabric of space and time…

  • God help them if they ever discover 4Chan.

  • Funny, there are actual free and paid services that allow you to reserve a certain name(Shilin for example) on every social network so that people will associate you with that name. It's crazy o_o! But yeah, I can totally see twitter and facebook being a thing of the past in 20 years…I wonder what will be next :o?

    • I still hate whoever that took shilin on both twitter and fb LOL BECAUSE ONE IS NOT USED and the other person's name isn't even shilin

  • Active imagination… You has it.

  • Kalce

    Reading this reminded me of a video:,14389/
    It’s begun already! xD