Cat on a desk

August 25, 2010 12:30 AM

It has been a long time since my cats got a cameo! But once again I only have pics of the kitler since the big cat doesn’t like to do anything interesting ):

Since my summer retreat to the basement to avoid AC bills, my cat has enjoyed sitting next to me greatly. First it was just my seat, then my armrest, and recently she’s moved onto the desk. She likes to watch me draw and try to catch my pencil (aside from being kawaii it’s also VERY ANNOYING LOL) but when she’s tired she just bums there. So I took some pics! (the towel on me is because I just washed my hair)


she’s THAT GOOD OK sitting comfortably half on desk half on armrest

don’t mind her 4 ears from my hand shake ): BUT THAT’S BASICALLY WHAT SHE’S LIKE WHEN I WORK



  • Ashie

    Cute kitty. =D Will you ever do a workspace tour? Or something like that? =P

    • This desk is only temporary haha, I think I took a picture of my (real) desk before somewhere. There's nothing interesting on it tho ):

  • oh what a pretty table.

  • veraca

    lol awww that's so cuuute!
    smart idea to run from the AC bills in the basement! :)

  • Always good to have a little company while you work 8D! Man I wish I could have a pet that was that well behaved during sketch time. If it wasn't my bunny trying to nibble on a corner of the page, it was my ferret stealing/chewing on my eraser XD!

  • I'm sure he's watching you to later on steal your stuff and fame. Watch out. :D And what are you drawing in those pics? XD

  • Your table is so shiny. I want to steal it. Also, your cat is PRO. Half desk, half armchair? :D That's definitely a ninja cat right there.

    Also, A WILD SHILIN HAS APPEARED. This is actually the first time I've seen you in a photo. Hi :D