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A friend showed me some twitter pics of Japanese doujin artists , and one guy posts his WIPs not as screenshots but as… photos of the screen? I tried to do it but it’s got all these rainbow lines across the screen ): maybe it’s because of my setting lol


Here’s a rough character line up I did for the client to make sure all the chars are distinguishable since they are all guys, all similar age, and wear similar clothing. Hopefully I can come out of this being able to draw suits on a whim since I never ever do them


When I got to the little guy I kept thinking of Iriel, so I started comparing them to Blackbird chars. It would be like… Iriel Blackbird Weirin Veloce/Meron? LOL and idk what for the guard cus there is no such character yet in Blackbird. Time to make one!

On a different note, I’ve been eating so much lately because my grandma suddenly took strong interests in buying/making me extra stuff to eat like sweet soup, pork soup, pastries, crackers, FFFF I go to the dinner table with a bloated stomach it’s ridiculous. I’m starting to understand where people get their eating disorders from. Too much food in the wrong countries. I feel so bad telling her to stop cus she’s totally enjoying it but my tummy is going to explode soon if I don’t ):

cheeky and handsome

double post because I don’t think before I post… I wanted to draw Blackbird’s face yesterday, and so I did! They were actually full page portraits which is really rare for me, since I feel more comfortable drawing small figures.


This was actually the first one I did, but it was sooooo boring so I drew the other one afterwards


Going by my blog’s general trend of my art, photos of my cats and photos of the sky, here are some photos of my cats and the sky!

She is obviously trying to prevent me from working…


And by working I meant afking while my friends kill an mvp that doesn’t need me




I guess I didn’t get to post 10 wips but here’s 4 more detail shots for the finished image! It’s now up in the gallery :D

I would be happy about it except I’m annoyed by EVERYTHING that’s been happening. I haven’t slept well for like a week due to stupid occurrences at night, people making stupid comments, and the DA upload system being dumb causing me to lose like half a day of self promotion for something I worked so hard on. I’m pretty begrudging when it comes to shit like this so now I feel like I must paint something else to make up for my misfortune, but I must get working on actual work before that ]: I hate the feeling on giving up unfinished business

But onto the pic itself! while drawing it I thought I would write a little story (that has nothing to do with Blackbird) to go along with the image, but in the end my inability to write and the fact that the focus of the story was like a tangent to the focus of the illustration caused me to scrap it. The story went something like, once upon a time there was an awesome city filled with awesome people who thought they were so awesome, that they could overthrow the gods. The gods finally got mad and sent someone down, and she wiped out the area from the map and guarded it forever and ever to remind humans of their humiliation and defeat.

I’m switching to SAI for my super secret manga project because photoshop lineart is balls. I drew half a speech balloon before becoming enraged with the brush quality… although SAI is much better, it still has no manga texture to it, at this stage anyways. I think it’s partially because of how I draw, too, but I’ll have to get around it because there’s no way I can draw this project traditionally ): At least digital illustration is very forgiving; I’ve already flipped the canvas 4-5 times and free transformed so many bodyparts lol

And here’s some musiiiccccc long post is long

time to go unfluff that guy’s hairrrrr

wip wip wip