New Layout!

September 1, 2010 2:44 PM

I’m going to call this done (: The new layout is now up! Surprisingly it didn’t take a lot of time–or maybe I enjoyed it enough that it seemed quick. Like every update, I restructured things so that maintenance would be easy to do, and updates are all done in one place. I’m pretty happy with the result! The site is also feels less cramped now with more margin space, line space and less excessive text, which is what I wanted to fix about the last layout. Please let me know of errors you find and any suggestions you have to improve ease of use!

There are still a few problems with the new layout that I don’t know how to solve. My blog is not installed on the same domain as my website, and code I use to retrieve the most recent entry on the website front page doesn’t display paragraph formatting properly and I pretty much gave up on making it work. I’m considering switching over to an excerpt because any wordy entry would just be a huge wall of text on the front page. wow, fixed

The left side of each individual web page also feel empty. In the blog, the information tab fills it up a little. For other pages, I don’t really know what to put on it. I want to keep stuff concise and show off the art, but right now it’s a little lonely.

And here’s a sketch to cancel out the text, although I’ve posted it a few years ago when I first drew it. I picked this as the Blackbird piece to work on in the end (because really, I just wanted to draw a really ornate picture) but I suddenly got carried away with the site revamp lmfao


  • I went looking around and both the contact links in the commission page are broken. You might also want to consider putting a small line in the gallery page leading to your commission page or contact page, similar to "if you like what you see…"

    Yay. The wall of faces looks awesome. The fact that you have years worth of art shows how much you've improved over time. Also, I am amazed that you coded the gallery on your own *_* Awesome artist + very proficient coder = best person ever

  • Love it! Great job. 8D

  • Everything looks alright on my end. I like the simple and very clean looking layout, it's inspiring!

  • Saku??

    Nice new layout! Simple, clean, and refreshing. A few missing links noted.
    On your commission page, the first link for example under ?None/minimal background? and both links for the examples for ?Full background? is broken.