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Touhou – Bad Apple!!

new song to loop for me :D

On an unrelated note, I suddenly totally fell over with a fever a few days ago. I’m much better now even though my throat is going to be good game soon; at least I don’t ache EVERYWHERE and feel like I’m climbing a freaking mountain by walking to the bathroom. I was so bored out of my skull I translated some parts of Blackbird into Chinese and fixed like all of my dad’s laptop problems while being immobile in bed.

I’ve also moved all my crap back upstairs to my old work room because it seems unlikely for the summer heat to return again this year. I can’t work in peace anymore because my dad took up half of my desk with his work stuff and he’s always behind me now. Like all Asian parents, their colourful commentary about my WIPs aren’t always encouraging so I usually don’t work in front of them ): HOPEFULLY MY WORK RATE WON’T BE HINDERED TOO MUCH. I just have to carefully plan when to work on what lmao