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Making a post while waiting for Photoshop automate to flatten and resize 50 PSDs for me… I’ve been busy between a commission, 2 mangas and RO ): haven’t made much progress on the veloce pic either, and although I intend to spend a little more time on it it doesn’t look like I can finish it any time soon lmao. I expect to post like 10 WIPs of this pic at this rate


I ALSO NEED TO GO GET THOSE SHIN ANGYO ONSHI BOOKS FROM JENNY and then hide them… because my aunt in China also managed to find and buy them. So now I’ll have 2 sets and my dad will be like why did you ask me to help you buy them if you already have help STOP WASTING MY TIME AND WASTING MONEYfffffff

I also wonder if my aunt skimmed through SAO when she got them, and I can’t wait til my mom randomly reads them and start thinking to herself, omfg why does shilin read such fucked up stories LOL