wip wip wip

September 20, 2010 7:26 PM




  • holyfreakingwowasfdskjhskjgd
    Where do you find all the patience to do this :( seriously LOL
    It's coming along so well (<– understatement)! -still in awe- hahaha

  • my chibi is better

    (dont forget 2 fix sword when you wake up ok im such a good friend leaving you reminders ^__^)

  • The details on her boots and the developing clock…<3!

  • Oh my goodness!! You really outdid yourself this time!!
    The detail level here is amazing. Gorgeous choice of colors and work on the design. Congrats!

  • Amazing details. *_* How big is this piece, Shilin? And how big is your wacom? *prods prods*

    • this pic is 3427x5000px, which is similar size as all my other pics so it's not that notable XD and I'm using a intuos4 6×8!

    • …that is just huge. I don't think my PC can handle that, lol. I will have to take note of this if and when I buy a new wacom… mine's only a 3.5×5. =_=;;;

    • my old graphire 2 was 4×5 or something like that. As long as you're used to it, I don't feel there's much of a difference between a big and a small tablet (:

  • ohmy it's the SWORD OF AWESOME! Now I'm really excited to see it when you finish.

    I love the gold trim you've done with her shoes/boots. It looks absolutely brilliant.

    • yay her boots are my proudest part of this pic :D but somehow I can't replicate it on the sword's handle guards LOL