cheeky and handsome

September 26, 2010 1:03 AM

double post because I don’t think before I post… I wanted to draw Blackbird’s face yesterday, and so I did! They were actually full page portraits which is really rare for me, since I feel more comfortable drawing small figures.


This was actually the first one I did, but it was sooooo boring so I drew the other one afterwards


  • Hahaha can never get over how adorable Blackbird is

  • She makes being a villianess look like fun :D!

  • Shaolin

    Yes—this would work quite well if Blackbird ever wanted to create propaganda posters on how she is better than everyone.

  • Do the first one in color.. I mean.. she's so cure there it deserves color ;^;

    oh please! =D

  • Ahaha Blackbird is sooo unique. Her attitude and looks take her to another level of evilness~
    Loved the second one!

  • BB: *smirks* Veloce, are you staring at me?

    Oh hai Blackbird. Haven't seen you in a while XD When are you going to reappear in the manga? XD

    I wonder how she'll do in a beauty pageant with those sparkles 8D

  • I absolutely love the first one. Her expression is fantastic. The eyes, in particular, stand out completely – and not just because they're outlined.

    The second piece actually made me laugh. Go sparkles XD