Archive for September 29th, 2010


A friend showed me some twitter pics of Japanese doujin artists , and one guy posts his WIPs not as screenshots but as… photos of the screen? I tried to do it but it’s got all these rainbow lines across the screen ): maybe it’s because of my setting lol


Here’s a rough character line up I did for the client to make sure all the chars are distinguishable since they are all guys, all similar age, and wear similar clothing. Hopefully I can come out of this being able to draw suits on a whim since I never ever do them


When I got to the little guy I kept thinking of Iriel, so I started comparing them to Blackbird chars. It would be like… Iriel Blackbird Weirin Veloce/Meron? LOL and idk what for the guard cus there is no such character yet in Blackbird. Time to make one!

On a different note, I’ve been eating so much lately because my grandma suddenly took strong interests in buying/making me extra stuff to eat like sweet soup, pork soup, pastries, crackers, FFFF I go to the dinner table with a bloated stomach it’s ridiculous. I’m starting to understand where people get their eating disorders from. Too much food in the wrong countries. I feel so bad telling her to stop cus she’s totally enjoying it but my tummy is going to explode soon if I don’t ):