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Not much to post

Because I’ve been and will continue to work on stuff that I can’t really post…

These two Blackbird pages are killing my hands because of all the hatching that I’m not used to. I hold my pencil really hard so after a while my thumb starts to hurt LOL… I had to take frequent breaks so my progress has been really slow…

My Shin Angyo Onshi books finally arrived yesterday from being on a ship for 2 months. The book quality isn’t that great compared to some other Chinese manga books I have that are published by Taiwan/Hong Kong publishers. It has some pagination errors too on the last book, but good thing I’ve read it and know what the proper order is. I can totally tell that it’s ripped off from somewhere because the bleeds of the pages cut off a LOT and sometimes word balloons are in danger of being cropped. But I can’t complain since it cost $20 usd for 17 books LOL…. I totally would’ve bought the HK version but the only seller my cousin found in HK said it was out of stock and has been for a while. It’s better than not being able to buy it at all I guess. I really like books much better in traditional book form than scans/digital form.

So I’ve been reading the chinese version during my breaks and I’ve noticed that I’ve been influenced by SAO’s way of inking and hatching. It has about the most detailed and well done art out of all the mangas I’ve read, in terms of both inking and toning, without looking over the top, so I really try to figure out how it achieves the effect it is able to achieve. I don’t think I’ll be able to get over the SAO phase for a while!

Other assorted randomness

And it snowed today! for the first time this year. The sun was out for a while during the snow too



An attempt to make a Kaidaten-like design for wanderers in RO, which ended basically being a fanart of Kaidaten. Except with retarded wanderer clothes LOL


This resulted from a joke that came from a comment I received on DA. Too bad Blackbird’s hair is going the wrong way and ruined the gif BUT I’M STILL PROUD OF IT

mangamania II

Another snipplet because manga’s what I’ve been doing all week. At first I was all urrgg about having to draw an entire chapter purely digitally, especially having to use paths and stuff instead of being able to just use a ruler. But now I’m more appreciative of inking on the computer. At least after painstakingly creating a vector window, all I have to is clone it onto the perspective lines, and suddenly I have well aligned windows! I still had to add the extra step of erasing and roughing up the lineart afterwards so that it doesn’t look all perfect and digital and gross. Maybe after this gig I would’ve accumulated enough experience to be tempted to switch Blackbird over to digital LOL. At this rate every volume of Blackbird would look like it’s drawn by a different person ):

I’ve worked on translating Blackbird into Chinese because someone had asked in the past, and recently people offered to translate Blackbird again (since I forgot who the old translators were after I went on multiple hiatuses over the past 4 years). I’m getting discouraged about having to letter 170+ pages though… The time could really be better used, like FINISHING TONING VOLUME 1……

I’ve also been working Blackbird’s plot (yes, I know where Blackbird is going and at the same time, I don’t…) and noticed that even though I thought I got a desirable plot down a few years ago, I still ended up majorly altering it ): I remember making a Blackbird story/character wiki for myself a few years back when I was playing with all these oneclick installs offered by dreamhost. I was reading it yesterday and MAN was it outdated, it’s not even worth the effort to edit; I might as well restart it if I want to keep using it. At least I really am seeing a clear structure and direction towards the ending I was looking for now (watch in like 2 more years I would’ve changed everything AGAIN LMFAO I AM SO UNPRODUCTIVE) I wish I had someone to discuss story development with lol ):


I found more photos of my cats. I don’t know why I never posted this (unless I did?) but this is how my cat sleeps during the summer sometimes:

Obviously she thinks she’s a person but I think we’ve established this. I should really make a log category called cats lol I BET IT’LL FILL UP PRETTY QUICKLY

And my birthday just passed recently! Sepia sent me this gift which included a RIDICULOUS CARD LOL… Also please note the absolute failure that is her pink ribbon tying. Well ok the envelope crushed it but I want to make fun of it ok

The gift is this pretty necklace <: it looks so nice with this scarf I have. My necklace collection is looking more and more voodoo… this egyptian looking one, a fish, the moon+star one and the steampunk one lmfao. I bet if I wear ALL of them at once and a billion bracelets I’ll get christians throwing onions and paint at me