October 1, 2010 12:13 AM

xposted from DA since it’s pretty much a scrap:

I wasted today away doing this ): I think I tried to do this a year or so ago but I sucked at it and I knew it was going to take FOREVER so I gave up… and decided it would be a GREAT use of time to give this a try again today.

I was thinking about doing Blackbird instead because it would be a lot easier, but then I thought WOULDN’T IT BE WAY MORE FUN TO DRAW SOMEONE WHO IS INCAPABLE OF OVER HALF OF THESE EXPRESSIONS? So I did veloce instead. I didn’t know what a few of the words meant and like 7 of them look the same because of how she is… but thanks to this meme she actually looks like she may have a personality even though she doesn’t


  • Triumph!Veloce is sexy XDDD

    Oh Veloce, now who are you flirting with? Hmmm~
    Pleased!Veloce looks so peaceful.

    And the return of the fluffy hair! 8D


    • Thank you! getting so old with every passing year

    • Oh the inevitable aging. I guess once we hit 17 and above, birthdays are just a remainder that we're getting older :(. We can't get excited like lil' kids anymore.
      I feel old too :( Half of my class is a year younger than me. GEHHHH.

  • oh my I love this kind of meme. it's like… a experience with character which makes their manners and habits clear. And showing that with drawing instead of just writing it down is more intensive.
    I really wouldn't mind to meet veloce drunk. I would be like "oh have a another beer yay let's have fun lol 8D Mind if I join you?"
    ~laughs~ oh I hope veloce get's drunk in the comic just… cause x) I guess she would destroy (in accident) the whole tavern after if someone provoke her.

  • I was secretly hoping you would do something like this. I found that it is an excellent way of finding out how well you can work with subtle changes for the facial expressions I am definitely happy you did it :D

    Oh god. I died at the very first one. Seeing a happy Veloce is rather creepy although I wouldn't mind a drunk+flirty Veloce :D Also, I loved the fact that silly is serious with some extra accessories XD

    It also seems that WTF?!Veloce got Tonberry'd.

    • someone said her happy one looked like she's about to snap, I guess I managed to keep it somewhat in character even though it looks NOTHING like her

    • In a certain situation, I would imagine her going from Angry -> Happy -> Triumph/Pleased

    • what situation? o_o

    • None so specific but I imagine something like: Veloce in the middle of an angry tirade, getting a possibly cruel idea and switches to "happy" face which leads to soon-to-be-victim getting confused and/or fearful for his/her life and after said idea is implemented, triumph face :D

      Also, belated greetings! A bit timezone-confused, but would it be for October 2nd?

    • ahahah XD

  • Gotta love those drawing exercise memes 8D!