Archive for October 9th, 2010


I found more photos of my cats. I don’t know why I never posted this (unless I did?) but this is how my cat sleeps during the summer sometimes:

Obviously she thinks she’s a person but I think we’ve established this. I should really make a log category called cats lol I BET IT’LL FILL UP PRETTY QUICKLY

And my birthday just passed recently! Sepia sent me this gift which included a RIDICULOUS CARD LOL… Also please note the absolute failure that is her pink ribbon tying. Well ok the envelope crushed it but I want to make fun of it ok

The gift is this pretty necklace <: it looks so nice with this scarf I have. My necklace collection is looking more and more voodoo… this egyptian looking one, a fish, the moon+star one and the steampunk one lmfao. I bet if I wear ALL of them at once and a billion bracelets I’ll get christians throwing onions and paint at me