October 9, 2010 8:58 PM

I found more photos of my cats. I don’t know why I never posted this (unless I did?) but this is how my cat sleeps during the summer sometimes:

Obviously she thinks she’s a person but I think we’ve established this. I should really make a log category called cats lol I BET IT’LL FILL UP PRETTY QUICKLY

And my birthday just passed recently! Sepia sent me this gift which included a RIDICULOUS CARD LOL… Also please note the absolute failure that is her pink ribbon tying. Well ok the envelope crushed it but I want to make fun of it ok

The gift is this pretty necklace <: it looks so nice with this scarf I have. My necklace collection is looking more and more voodoo… this egyptian looking one, a fish, the moon+star one and the steampunk one lmfao. I bet if I wear ALL of them at once and a billion bracelets I’ll get christians throwing onions and paint at me


  • Ruina

    Woaaa. Happy Belated Birthday!!
    D'aaw, your cat is adorable~ x3 Would she attack if I rubbed her belly? 8D
    There's something unresistably cute about pets pulling off stunts like that that make them seem almost human. My dog sleeps like that sometimes too, and snores. It's the best when she takes over my pillow – such a funny sight. xD

    • she actually doesn't like people touching her belly ): she wouldn't even let me! she just turns around and move a little away from your hand SO SADDD

  • Happy belated birthday 8D!