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mangamania II

Another snipplet because manga’s what I’ve been doing all week. At first I was all urrgg about having to draw an entire chapter purely digitally, especially having to use paths and stuff instead of being able to just use a ruler. But now I’m more appreciative of inking on the computer. At least after painstakingly creating a vector window, all I have to is clone it onto the perspective lines, and suddenly I have well aligned windows! I still had to add the extra step of erasing and roughing up the lineart afterwards so that it doesn’t look all perfect and digital and gross. Maybe after this gig I would’ve accumulated enough experience to be tempted to switch Blackbird over to digital LOL. At this rate every volume of Blackbird would look like it’s drawn by a different person ):

I’ve worked on translating Blackbird into Chinese because someone had asked in the past, and recently people offered to translate Blackbird again (since I forgot who the old translators were after I went on multiple hiatuses over the past 4 years). I’m getting discouraged about having to letter 170+ pages though… The time could really be better used, like FINISHING TONING VOLUME 1……

I’ve also been working Blackbird’s plot (yes, I know where Blackbird is going and at the same time, I don’t…) and noticed that even though I thought I got a desirable plot down a few years ago, I still ended up majorly altering it ): I remember making a Blackbird story/character wiki for myself a few years back when I was playing with all these oneclick installs offered by dreamhost. I was reading it yesterday and MAN was it outdated, it’s not even worth the effort to edit; I might as well restart it if I want to keep using it. At least I really am seeing a clear structure and direction towards the ending I was looking for now (watch in like 2 more years I would’ve changed everything AGAIN LMFAO I AM SO UNPRODUCTIVE) I wish I had someone to discuss story development with lol ):