mangamania II

October 10, 2010 7:00 PM

Another snipplet because manga’s what I’ve been doing all week. At first I was all urrgg about having to draw an entire chapter purely digitally, especially having to use paths and stuff instead of being able to just use a ruler. But now I’m more appreciative of inking on the computer. At least after painstakingly creating a vector window, all I have to is clone it onto the perspective lines, and suddenly I have well aligned windows! I still had to add the extra step of erasing and roughing up the lineart afterwards so that it doesn’t look all perfect and digital and gross. Maybe after this gig I would’ve accumulated enough experience to be tempted to switch Blackbird over to digital LOL. At this rate every volume of Blackbird would look like it’s drawn by a different person ):

I’ve worked on translating Blackbird into Chinese because someone had asked in the past, and recently people offered to translate Blackbird again (since I forgot who the old translators were after I went on multiple hiatuses over the past 4 years). I’m getting discouraged about having to letter 170+ pages though… The time could really be better used, like FINISHING TONING VOLUME 1……

I’ve also been working Blackbird’s plot (yes, I know where Blackbird is going and at the same time, I don’t…) and noticed that even though I thought I got a desirable plot down a few years ago, I still ended up majorly altering it ): I remember making a Blackbird story/character wiki for myself a few years back when I was playing with all these oneclick installs offered by dreamhost. I was reading it yesterday and MAN was it outdated, it’s not even worth the effort to edit; I might as well restart it if I want to keep using it. At least I really am seeing a clear structure and direction towards the ending I was looking for now (watch in like 2 more years I would’ve changed everything AGAIN LMFAO I AM SO UNPRODUCTIVE) I wish I had someone to discuss story development with lol ):


  • …ahaha, and I actually work hard to make my manually inked lines look perfect. Like, digitally perfect-perfect. I didn't realize it was gross. ;_;

    I do love how you drew those windows though. \o/ I think I need to re-work on my backgrounds now.

    • LOL NOOOO neatness on paper looks way different (and better) than digital, probably because in order to do well on paper you really have to put in a lot of focus and effort, whereas it's a lot easier to control on the computer. Also, no matter how good you are, the traditional texture will always be there which helps make the product look less mechanical XD

    • Hee-hee… well, yeah, I think I kinda get what you mean about the "mechanical" look. It's just faster sometimes when you've got a deadline to kill… I do stress <i>sometimes</i> because I'm clueless at making technical BGs on photoshop… But for the borders on comic panels, I like the clean lines photoshop creates. ^_^

      Wish there was a tutorial in creating faster BGs… @_@;;; *sob*

  • As someone who's been using the pen tool/paths for a little while, I can say…PATHS ARE YOUR FRIEND! No really, they do make the inking work run through a lot faster and smoothly, every now and again I'll find myself switching from Corel Painter or Paint Tool Sai to Photoshop and using the shape or pentool to ink out square objects or anything that calls for a ramrod straight line. Though I do agree, using paths for everything makes the overall image a little too "perfect" and it's hard to variate the line weight. Good luck with the manga project and with revamping and translating Blackbird!

    • haha yeah, they're pretty useful, although I never liked them except for perfect shapes/straight lines or perspectives cus they take too much time ):

  • Haha, that's why I asked my best friend to help me out and give me feedbacks and all for my so called manga-like. Oh, and about an older post of your pages' WIPs : I always thought you inked digitally. Curse me for not finding those pens earlier…