Not much to post

October 31, 2010 4:53 PM

Because I’ve been and will continue to work on stuff that I can’t really post…

These two Blackbird pages are killing my hands because of all the hatching that I’m not used to. I hold my pencil really hard so after a while my thumb starts to hurt LOL… I had to take frequent breaks so my progress has been really slow…

My Shin Angyo Onshi books finally arrived yesterday from being on a ship for 2 months. The book quality isn’t that great compared to some other Chinese manga books I have that are published by Taiwan/Hong Kong publishers. It has some pagination errors too on the last book, but good thing I’ve read it and know what the proper order is. I can totally tell that it’s ripped off from somewhere because the bleeds of the pages cut off a LOT and sometimes word balloons are in danger of being cropped. But I can’t complain since it cost $20 usd for 17 books LOL…. I totally would’ve bought the HK version but the only seller my cousin found in HK said it was out of stock and has been for a while. It’s better than not being able to buy it at all I guess. I really like books much better in traditional book form than scans/digital form.

So I’ve been reading the chinese version during my breaks and I’ve noticed that I’ve been influenced by SAO’s way of inking and hatching. It has about the most detailed and well done art out of all the mangas I’ve read, in terms of both inking and toning, without looking over the top, so I really try to figure out how it achieves the effect it is able to achieve. I don’t think I’ll be able to get over the SAO phase for a while!

Other assorted randomness

And it snowed today! for the first time this year. The sun was out for a while during the snow too



  • Sunni

    Omg… Why does that look like… my neighbourhood?
    Then again.. all neighbourhoods in Toronto look alike.

  • Those are some darn awesome pencils. Just saw the final pages earlier. Your work was not wasted! The end result is fantastic to look at *O*

    Also, yay for Shin Angyo Onshi! I agree with you about the art – the way everything was drawn is a tribute to detail. SAO is what you get when you combine awesome characters, art and plot. To think that the creator of Blackbird is also a fan and possibly inspired by it… it just makes me squee :D

    If I may ask, what do you think of Won Sul as a character?

    And snow! I've never seen snow IRL ;_; Living in a tropical country has that effect. Are you taking photos from your roof? o_o

    • the photos are taken from the windows in my room. I'm not actually on the roof LOL.
      I like won sul but his life sucks so much, I feel super bad for him ):

    • Oh fffffffff. XD Sorry it was kind of a knee-jerk reaction when I saw the roof tiles on the foreground of the photos. I went "wuh? Why is Shilin on the roof D:!!" (Posing as Blackbird, I bet.) (On that note, I wish someone would cosplay Blackbird or Vel. EPIC IN THE MAKING.)

      o lol Won Sul :( Your sad life is depressing.

  • It always amazes me how you can manage to keep your pages clean when you use pencils for your final "inks". xD I tried it before, and everything got… smudgy. :|a Got any tips for that?

    • I put a piece of paper between my hand and the page so my hand doesn't smudge anything, and i also place my fingers in such a way they don't touch anything XD But if you already do all that, you could probably reduce smudging by using lead that's more to the H side!

    • H lead, huh? I suppose it's time to give that another shot. xD;;; I hated them so much before. ;_;

  • Those photos around your home totally are what I saw around my house while heading off to work. If this isn't proof of how global warming has messed things up, then I don't know lol. Those look like some fancy mechanical pencils!

  • That's a beautiful place, and snow makes it more beautiful!

    Probably has been asked, but what size of paper you use? And nice looking page there.