Creepy ro art

November 12, 2010 4:38 PM

is she even a priest anymore HAHAH. While I drew the eyes I thought to myself “hey they totally look like a bunch of creepy vaginas” so I thought some BLOODY TEARS WOULD HELP CLEAR THAT UP <:

The cross wasn’t supposed to be evil but I wasn’t in the mood of drawing straight lines and just wanna scribble away, so it got destroyed… As I was drawing it I kinda grew on it and developed it some more. It shapes like many crosses and can change its shape to look like a sword, shield, bow etc. The crosses intertwine with each other and can look like a net from afar if they expand enough, so I decided to name it “tenroe”, the first 2 characters from this phrase (can’t type chinese on this blog ): ), which means a net that encompasses the sky and earth, or something you can’t escape!

I drew the sketch last week and then FORGOT ABOUT IT TIL YESTERDAY LOL… so I decided to take a break from manga drawing and finish this. Interestingly enough I’m still pretty into drawing manga even though I’ve basically been doing this mon-sun nonstop for 1-2 months. If I have to attribute it it’s probably because I’m juggling 2 mangas that I haven’t gotten sick of drawing either one yet. That and I’m learning a ton from drawing the super secret project since it is a new medium, and I have to work with subjects that I’m totally not familiar with drawing so every new page is fun. well ok aside from drawing buildings… i cann0t deal with spending 1 day per building

In other news, this happened:


  • Tanbakudan

    LOL creepy vaginas bleeding x__x I'd say she's a TU/ME build dahahaha

    is tenroe(tenrou?) the kanji reading for tian luo? just curious lol. And wow you guys use chopsticks-bowl eating even in Canada, i thought people would usually get used to the local cultures.

  • You use red tones really well. This artwork really makes me want to take up playing a priest again in ro. And lastly, funny thing I noticed, your site layout is all light, fluffy and dreamy, then you come to the blog and it's like EVIL PRIESTESS TAKING OVER D:! Definitely don't want to meet her down a dark alley.