shopping pages?

November 22, 2010 6:00 PM

I went shopping with Jenny yesterday at Pacific Mall. I was just going to buy a pencil case but ended up buying this $200 shawl, a(nother) messenger bag, a scarf, arm warmers? and of course the pencil case too. And now my arms are sore and Blackbird pages are incomplete because I was out all day… BUT THAT’S OK because I think this is like the second time I went shopping this year, after the post-otakon outlet mall shopping trip.


This pencil case is SO CUTE AND FLUFFY but it’s going to get dirty so fast LOL…

My old dakar bag was bought at the same stand and it’s so old, the black is gray now…

I took a picture of the shawl too, but it’s black so it turned out to be a black blob because of my shitty camera ): I bought it from these overpriced, Japanese fob fashion stores. For some reason they’re all pink-walled and decorated with fancy baroque furniture to go with their fob princess catalogue. They’re so expensive most of them are pretty much deserted. First store we went into I saw this very cute–or should I say, KAWAII–shirt that was supposed to be like $290. I asked if I could try it on and the lady was like no, and I was like um…… what. Then we asked about a few other items that we liked and she basically gave us the prices in this tone that’s like yeah this store is too good for you and basically hinting for us to leave. I guess we looked kinda young and we didn’t dress up so she identified us as the poor window shoppers… the next pink store we went into, in which I found the shawl, the lady was MUCH NICER and even took the shawl off the display model for me to try on. I ended up buying it even though it was like $200 and I could probably find it cheaper online or something. As I bought it I thought to myself, too bad for the first pink store I guess LOL. U DONT WANT BIZ U NO GOT BIZ

And here r sum super secret manga panels. I totally don’t get to draw stuff like this in Blackbird lmfao. Maybe one day Weirin will look like the woman, I don’t know she’s already getting pretty intense with her I-am-so-fucking-annoying-please-punch-me-in-the-face expressions



  • Minichrome

    I want to go shopping too! Dx Probably christmas shopping for presents anyway lol

    Wow my computer would lag if I had photoshop and RO on at the same time

  • What a coincidence! I was looking to buy a pencil case too. I bought one online at They have a lot of cute designs there. ^^

    Just something off topic, do you get a lot of spam comments in your blog? How do you fight them? I have so many spams in my blog that I don't want to enable comments anymore lol.

    • AWWW why didn't Ilearn of this earlier ):

      I do get a lot of spam; I used to be able to keep them off with just a few spam filter plugins, but recently there are some spam that don't look like robot spam at all so I ended up holding every comment from a new author/ip address on moderation so I can manually check them XD

  • TOTOROOOO!!!! awww I love this movie soo much!! <3

  • Been meaning to go into one of those cutesy clothing stores anytime I'm at the Pacific Mall, but if it isn't that the clothes look too tiny, you just know the outfits are too pricey…290 for a top? Please tell me it had rhinestones and fancy stuff on it. Right…?