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November 30, 2010 5:08 PM

My friend started using tumblr again and at first glance, it was pretty attractive because it’s simple, to the point and very classy. It also links nicely to other sites and has some sort of a community. So after some consideration I made one and then waste a whole day making a nice layout for it. I’ve just been test driving it for the past few days to see if I like it and if I should move completely. But I still miss this blog ): I have more freedom here to do whatever I want, and best of all I have all the entries in my hands–well, servers. So I don’t know what I should do ):

So far the pros of staying here is:

  • Complete control over everything: layout, entries, plugins
  • Long-entry-friendly! While you can still post photos in text entries, actual photo-posts only allow 1 photo per post. Same for youtube videos
  • Comment-friendly. I could use disqus for tumblr but I can’t change the comment layout, and the comment count cannot be displayed on homepage. I like my comment page layout ):
  • I already blogged here for a few years, moving is a hassle
  • This blog is nicely integrated into my site, so it’s some sort of an incentive for visitors for my site to read the blog and vice versa.

The pros of tumblr is:

  • much easier for tumblr users to follow my blog. A standalone blog without a community only works well for very famous/popular people (eg I would use lj but aside from the huge userbase, lj sucks balls for what I want out of a blog)
  • different types of posts allow entry layouts to be stylized and look awesome
  • If I want to link entries to twitter, I don’t have to run to tinyurl to make a short url for it

I think what I want out of blogs is basically control, aesthetics and community… this blog has control and aesthetics, while tumblr has aesthetics and MAY have community. but I wouldn’t be surprised if I realize later that I made tumblr because I enjoy figuring out codes and making layouts LOL. I dunno we’ll see after a week or two of test use!

In the mean time MOAR MANGA



  • I always wonder if I should write on deviantart or on my own wordpress blog. I also use rss feeds to follow blogs. You can use a website for tweeting your rss feed every time you make a post. That way you could have your twitter community follow your blog as well through twitter. If you count on RSS Feeds, twitter and facebook you already have a strong support of followers.

    Which is more popular? Tumblr or Twitter?

  • Ahhh evil perspective classroom. I don't know if this would help, but maybe you could use a grid for the receding lines? I find it also easier to put legs on the tables if you make the table into a box first :I

    If you do move over to tumblr, I'll have to use it more lol. It doesn't really matter to me though.

  • Oh everyone below me seems to know coding :<
    I feel so n00b 8C

  • wish i knew all the coding things XD;
    And ewwwwwwww i see classroom D;
    Dude u srsly wanna draw that huh :F

    And aww the guy looks like he forgot to turn off the ironing tool thingy and is all like about to go GASP C:
    Its ok i can turn it off for you (just give me your home adress and phone number 8D )

  • pianof

    Ah, and to comment: last screenshot with all the lines in perspective? Downright scary nightmare. Good luck with it~

  • pianof

    Personally, I follow blogs regardless of community. I enjoy your blog as is right now, what with the personal styling, integration and long posts. As Kersheys pointed out, there are ways around that; in the end it's just whether you like the community idea better?

    Haha but I just read it, so. ||orz

  • I just use rss feeds. I use b2 evolution for blogging, others use blogger, you use wordpress and tumbler, many use DA, and many still use lj. All of them can be followed under 1 rss feeder so what ever you chose, makes not difference to me. just let us know if you do decide to move.

    • I use rss myself too, but I noticed not too many people (who follow my works) do, and still a userbase is so much more powerful than technology that people are not willing to figure out XD But I will definitely say something when I make a decision!

  • About two points on your pros of Tumblr:
    – different types of posts allow entry layouts to be stylized and look awesome ——> the next WordPress 3.1 will have this feature and it should be coming out soon as the public beta is already here
    – If I want to link entries to twitter, I don’t have to run to tinyurl to make a short url for it ——> there's a plugin (Twitter Tools) that can automatically post to your Twitter when you make a new entry and you can set it to use a URL shortener :)

    • Twitter tools is what I use actually! Pretty handy.

    • I never knew about 3.1 and twitter tools! I tried to look up 3.1 briefly and found nothing on it lmao. Now I am all excited for it and you basically made wp win this contest all around :D

    • Twitter tools is one of the best social network plugins out there. That and using RSS Graffiti for Facebook. It definitely helps in getting your blog entries noticed.

  • I know it may be extra work but what not cross post your entries from here on to tumblr? I know dA's loish has a tumblr( plus a blog on blogger(, at least then you give your readers the option as to where they follow your postings, nor do they feel "forced" to choose one or the other.

    • when I looked up the features of my two blogs, it was mentioned everywhere that xposting identical entries on different sites gives you search engine penalties. But then it looks like loish uses her tumblr more for personal stuff with art scrap posts once in a while, and posts all her art on blogger (blog vs sketchblog). If I feel hardcore I'll do that, maybe, but right now it looks like a hassle to maintain and for people to follow more than one ):