WIP & old portfolio

December 18, 2010 2:19 AM

I’ve almost gotten all of my responsibilities out of the way, but more just keep coming and taking up all my time ): am sad

One of the three gifts I finished but have to withhold until Christmas!

and a random octopus for Alex… I actually like how it turned out HAHAHA

I was talking about a portfolio I made in portfolio class in grade 12 (2004) with a friend, and decided to dig it out to look at it again. My mom crammed a lot of other crap into the case but I looked mostly at the pages and pages of life drawing that we did for the class. It was a lot of fun but MAN I SUCKED SO HARD AT IT LOL. most of them looked like bad animu because that was the extent of my artistic abilities. It wasn’t a real art class, so I received very little instructions about how life drawing should be done or what one should look out for on these drawings. I had absolutely no idea what the fuck people meant when they talked about form, negative space, tones, and other fancy art terms and no one explained it to me so it almost was a huge waste of time. I also doodled a gay anime face next to like every single figure I drew HAHAHA THEY’RE AS EMBARRASSING AS THE FIGURE DRAWING THEMSELVES. In the end I was rejected by the school, and only 2 people got rejected out of the 22 in our class that applied. At the time I thought it was most likely because I was passing out on the table when my appointment at 8am was late by like 2.5 hours (this helper came over and told me to not do that and the interviewer was unimpressed), but now that I look at the pieces, they were just bad LMAO

Here are a bunch of pictures of the matted drawings and other stuff from the portfolio behind the cut.




my toothbrush pieces


multiple gestures look like abstract/modern art


a logo I had to make for myself for the stationery assignment. I put my initials, S H, into the shape of a harp. Not that it’s terribly original, but this is probably the best thing that came out of the course. I liked it a lot but never had any application for it.

I also found these along with a few other signs I made about women voting rights… this kind of brainwashed crap is the product of western education ok

And sum obligatory snow pix


300 cars getting stranded on a highway for ~24 hours because of this storm a little later was not pretty ): one guy died from it. scary canadian weather is scary


  • Solarcow105

    Otto the octo!

    I named him that. He's my friend :(

  • You gesture-based drawings aren't bad at all. I actually like the ones you did with black ink. I think it's the step between gestural poses and putting muscular structure in is where it starts to go off. But the foundation is good.
    It's hard to find good text or images that teaches you about how muscles really work underneath all that skin (most art books just focus on the surface, which is good for copying, but not good for figuring out your own poses). Short of getting a cadavre, there is the Bodies exhibit. But I think getting in to some of the medical books and seeing just how muscles are attached can really inform the structure.

    • I think I can blame myself for always saying I need it but never really getting down to reading up on anatomy XD I hope I'll actually get to that this year lol

  • It's the pimp octopus!
    Your portfolio wasn't as bad as you say, it's completely different from what you do nowadays and a very good job if you consider the lack of guidance when you worked on it.
    I wish I could see snow at least once a year and not once in my whole life…

  • I remember seeing news reports of that snowstorm, scary stuff man :(! I really like that toothbrush picture, I'd love to know how you created that one :o! Also, a rather dapper octopus :P!

  • Haaa, yeh, that snowstorm went on front page of our newprints (Québec) the other day…!
    But your life drawings are pretty cool, especially the ink ones.