Christmas goes well with work

January 1, 2011 2:14 AM

The one year I wanted to watch the count down, everyone decides to sleep super early LOL THIS IS SO SAD

I went to two christmas gatherings of old high school friends and they were fun. It’s so sad I don’t get together with any of my college friends because I judge too much to make good friends in college HAHAH. We watched Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland and I didn’t like it much. None of the characters were likeable except for the cheshire cat and the march rabbit, the plot was a pretty bad attempt at being serious and there was no logic anywhere… And we went to see some fun lights at waterloo, where we acted like 13 year old RETARDS taking ridiculous photos with the lights LOL. Some of the lights were so crooked and weird; there was a yellow charmander and a pokeball that was not round, plus REALLY CREEPY santas and elves moving slowly scaring the shit out of us.



We also played NY chase, where 4 of our detectives failed MISERABLY to catch the thief… apparently an engineer, an archeologist and two artists don’t make a very good team of detectives

In other news I’m finally past the halfway point on the super secret manga YAYYYY! I’m beginning to not like the style I worked with for this project but I have to at least finish it first before I can change anything about it in order to be consistent. Here’s a veloce with a haircut in a suit character from the super secret manga
“does my gender look ambiguous to you”

And lastly I’ve wanted to draw them as some high school gang for a while now and ended up making an alternate world for them. Blackbird is a blur because of the sketchbook scanning problem again LOL she was next to the binding coils ): and fucking cubist car floating in midair lmao

In this world everyone has some special ability through birth! It’s their job to discover these little talents as they grow up and make good use of them. Although this sounds dangerous, nobody’s talent is actually overly destructive. And like cars/buildings in our world built to withstand artificial and natural disasters, this world’s construction is imbued with some special force to somewhat withstand malicious uses of these talents.

These talents are all present due to spirits that exist in the world. Whatever your spirit/soul is most concentrated on will be your talent. Some people’s talents are less notable because the concentration of spirits is low. Some people have no birth talent at all. But because talent comes from these concentrated spirits, when a corruption of the spirits began to spread, the most talented people were the most heavily crippled. This leaves the less talented people to be most capable of doing something about this problem. However they’re not talented by birth, so most of them are unable to do anything useful.

Aside… from our untalented main characters…!

I have no idea what the plot would be but I kinda like the character setting :D…. Everyone is certainly a lot less stupid than they are in Blackbird (KERI/WEIRIN/IRIEL IN PARTICULAR) WHICH IS GOOD ON MY NERVES. The main character is Weirin because I started drawing the picture with her in the center, since I wanted Blackbird/Veloce to be background characters instead and Keri doesn’t make a very good main. She is a lot less thickheaded and whiny but still very assertive, aggressive and keen. She is not talented by birth but through her interest in swords (fencing? what do you call sword martial arts…) and hardwork, she made herself a sword master, enough to be called her birth talent. She doesn’t stand down to bullying and earned respect despite her small stature and lack of talent. She is the only able fighter of the group, and is basically a talented and confident version of Blackbird-Weirin.

The other four are people weirin ends up rallying over the story to her aid in her quest for… whatever the plot is. Keri is the son of an obscenely rich family. His presence is like Tomoyo from CCS, usually accompanied by bodyguards and has a private ride to anywhere he likes. He is not stupid at all unlike his Blackbird counterpart; he’s calm, calculative and quite careful. He’s good with his hands and very patient, and it helped take him far with his interest in mechanics. I don’t know what I should make him do but probably something about creating robots or weapons/gears that utilizes spiritual power, which negates his lack of talent. Like Weirin he succeeded through diligence, but he succeeded also through the fact that he had resource. Although he can’t fight, his brainchildren helps out in battle more than anything the next 3 can do. He is basically a smart and more conservative version of Blackbird-Keri.

Iriel is a little prodigy that is in the other four’s grades at his young age. Although just like any prodigy, even though his grades don’t reflect his age, his immaturity does. His talent is shapeshifting, and the form he takes is the cat form from Blackbird (why can’t he change into any other form? I don’t know…) I don’t know how I want him to be effected by the corruption, but thanks to Weirin+co’s help, he turns out fine and joins them in their effort. Although he doesn’t have much combat skills, he could easily accomplish sneaky tasks that are otherwise impossible to everyone else. He is almost exactly the same as he is in Blackbird, minus the part about education.

Blackbird (she goes by her real name in this world and doesn’t use this alias) and Veloce are childhood friends who bear sickness side by side. Blackbird is (near?)blind and Veloce is (near?)deaf. I don’t know how I want that to change but probably somewhere along the line they come across someone whose talent is to manipulate spirits, and thus able to slightly help those who wish for their talents to be enhanced or changed. The change allowed Blackbird to share her hearing with Veloce and Veloce to share her eyesight with Blackbird under some condition (when they stay close? idk), but the enhancement also caused the reason for their sicknesses to surface. Instead of the physical world, they are able to see/hear the spiritual world. This change made them vulnerable to the disease of the spirits but like Iriel, they received Weirin’s help and lent her their aid in the future. Unlike in Blackbird, these two are actually pretty much useless aside from their perceptions.

Most of the mechanics of the world are actually very similar to Blackbird, and the characters also carry a lot of similar features as their original. I guess that is why it was fun to put this together! It’s like I’m making a fanfic for my own series LMFAO

and I just spent 2010-2011 writing this :D I don’t know how I should feel about that


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    I understand the principle location of comments in your blog XD! Sorry for the inattention TT

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    That you give me?

  • Evgenia

    Hello Shilin!
    Really like your work.
    I kept trying to leave a comment for your records, but not as I can not. Why – the site does not accept me.
    I would like to establish a relationship with you. Though you and me for the first time you see on the pages of your blog. But I read it very often and I admire thy works

    • Thank you XD I get a lot of spam so I set the site to send me the comment first, when I see that it's not spam, it will show up on my website (:

  • Korethi

    Hey, do what you feel you need to do. I mean, yeah, I do so love reading Blackbird- I believe and have believed that it has the potential to go somewhere unbelievable, whether in a medieval or modern time period. But if you feel that a new direction will take what you love and let it bloom into a different flower, I'm sure that it will be no less beautiful, so to speak.

    As much as work is a great thing to get into- says the procrastinator- it's great that you were able to have fun as well. I think that as time goes on, life is just getting a bit more stressful, and holding onto the short, sweet memories is really what makes it all worth getting back to, ya know?

  • Aeorys

    Now I really want to see more of alt-world BB.
    That, and it madly feeds my BBxV love.

  • I didn't realize it was a new year until the next day =w=;;
    I wish i could spent some time with my friends!!!
    Apparently they are all busy to be doing something so useless like that… All my friends are soo serious while I'm SOO irresponsible XD!!

  • There were loads of fireworks over here. xD I think the New Year spirit is getting dampened every year lol. The first day of the first year just feels like any other day now.
    AND ALT BLACKBIRD IS KEWL. You should CG it. Definitely.
    I find it ironic though that while it is Blackbird that is blind, it's Veloce that has her eyes closed. Unless it was intentional? Weirin reminds me of Haruhi Suzumiya somehow.
    …wait, does Keri drive a car? I see some keys being tossed up.

    • it's ok next year's new year will be HUGE, END OF THE WORLD YES

      and I didn't do the eyes intentionally lol, I drew the picture before I started thinking about the world haha. And yeah, weirin reminds me of haruhi too now, I should look her up in case I make a haruhi #2 XD Keri does drive, when he feels like going out without being escorted by a bunch of people :D

  • wwwww

    holy shit walls of text

  • Veloce looks good in a skirt. /shot
    Also, that alternative universe sounds very interesting :>