Brought to you by the Sony Cybershot

January 11, 2011 3:22 PM

We had our first real winter storm last week. The next day had some pretty nice skies and stuff so I took some pics throughout the day. What I realized from this was how much my new camera ROCKS compared to the old one. The light capturing is fucking amazing and aside from special situations like nighttime shooting (which I’m sure I just haven’t figured out how to handle yet, not because of the camera’s incompetence) what I shoot is basically what I see.
God look at all the different whites and grays… LOL OK I’M EASILY IMPRESSED SHOOT ME

The sky cleared up in the evening!

And a fail pic because I don’t know how to make it focus at night LMFAO

a 7am shot on sunday because my mom was trying really hard to wish my grandpa happy birthday over the phone and woke me up… I slept at like 4 ):

I was drawing zoomlines manually on this page and I was so scared I would mess up, because I use a relatively soft cardstock and I draw really hard, so mistakes would bruise the cardstock and be really hard to erase. So I scanned it in first and took a picture before I continued LOL… LIKE IT’S GOING TO LIGHT ON FIRE AT ANY MOMENT

This is what it looked like when I finished it on paper. I filled in the rest of the blacks on photoshop and basically blacked out most of the zoomlines I did on the bottom half because it looked better that way ): Now that I think back I probably should’ve just used a pen for that part instead; I wasted sooooo much lead on this page and I bet in like 2 years or something it’s going to smudge like crazy even though it’s in sheet protectors…and I’m going to cry ):

I also marked all the areas that I will fill in with black digitally just so I don’t get confused. I think usually comic artists use x’s, but I thought if I magic wand with x’s all over, I’m going to get little unselected corners that would be a pain in the ass to clean up. So I used c’s instead, and Meron’s cloak ended up looking like it toad skin HAHAHAH


  • They put X's because they ink with an amazing black pen that sticks to the paper and never gets out.

    What lead you use? It's sooooo dark.

    • the lead looks the same as every other lead I use XD just regular HB lead with varying thicknesses. It's either I press really hard, or that I adjusted the brightness of the photos/scans so it looks darker than usual!

  • leonore

    I know this is asked to you a lot of times now, but how do you get such clean lines?

    • I sketch ridiculously light and I do a lot of erasing as I go to get rid of as much crap as possible :D and I've been forcing myself to think hard before I draw each line because it's a good habit.

  • Awhhhh when I see progresses like that I instantly feel like drawing comic D: But then I am too lazy to even put my paper out.
    Maybe today I will put my paper out and tommorow will put my ink on the desk.
    Wonderfullllll <3

  • Evgenia

    Beautiful photos =)

  • so you dont ink, you 'hard pencil' your line work?

    • yes. I don't know how to use pens even though the way I use a pencil is pretty much the same as pen lol

    • @shilin, lol, i was just about to ask what kind of ink you used. >.<
      U'r amazing!

  • Gorgeous photos, forgot how pretty Toronto is with a little snow 8D! It still blows me away how crisp and clean your comic panel sketches are and with pencil too! Just goes to show you don't necessarily need photoshop and wacom's latest tablet to produce great work.