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hospital field trip

I had a procedure in the hospital last wednesday. The procedure itself was simple but I still underestimated its effect because I didn’t expect to be ko’ed for like 5 days… It was quite an experience though, the general anesthesia was awesome because I just blinked and went from passing out to waking up in the recovery room 3 hours later. Or the worst I guess since I could barely breathe because my body was still so stoned out from the anesthesia. I was talking to sepia beforehand about how I’d be like those people on youtube acting all retarded when I wake up, and I was like “oh cool, I feel pretty sane and in control I don’t think I’ll make myself look like a doofus”. But then the nurse wheeled in a few more patients and as I watched them slowly wake up while barfing out gibberish like donkeys, I realized I was probably just like them I just don’t remember it ):

So after not being able to do ANYTHING productive for a few days, which by the way was the worst feeling ever especially since I slept for like 18 hours a day and I could feel my brain melting into soup, I did a lot of drawing AND NOW I’M ALMOST ALL GOOD AGAIN YAY! I missed my 14/7/365 schedule ;w;

In the beginning I was just going for a simple vector white against skin tone pic but somehow it turned into this. Why did I draw all those chain links? seriously I am incapable of getting ideas across quick and to the point.

a panel from page 2 of the volume 1 extra story!

pouty! there’s a smirky to go with this design. I’ve been wanting to make charms at printsess but I don’t draw cute things well, and I never have any ideas for chibis and stuff. But I think I will be shitting out 4 charm designs (these two plus another set) over the next few weeks to make charms to throw into the volume 1 book deal. I don’t want to make a lot cus they’re expensive, annoying to make, and I don’t even know if people would want them lmao. BUT I WANT THEM. So I’m considering ordering a few and either doing a first come first serve thing with preorders, or raffling them out at the risk of the charms going to people that don’t really want them.

lol I keep coming up with more things to do for this printing shit I’m NEVER GOING TO FINISH UGH what’s wrong with me


the taiwanese DRRR doujin erina ordered for us arrived! I don’t even follow the series but we love the artist so hard AND IT WAS WORTH IT. erina said this doujin is apparently sought after online because the author only takes taiwanese currency… lol SUCH A WASTE IN MY HANDS :D

complimentary mudkip post-it of love

And it’s donnneee I like it better than the other cover I don’t like it by itself lmfao. I think I’m going to turn up the contrast and throw in some crazy lights when laying out the cover. I’m still trying to find a way I like to paint faces, because I can use harsh and angular lines when I sketch, but when I paint everyone’s faces turn all soft and smooth and lose their personality just because of my brush strokes.

lol wow I just looked at my entry and my cover looks the same as the drrr cover fml


I’m sad to say this is probably not what the final image will look like. Aside from the fact that it’s not done (obviously…) I also cheated the shit out of this jpg. I’m still debating whether or not I really want to bastardize my final image this way, and right now I’m leaning towards yes, because I would like the image to look attractive, and it’s a book cover. I’ll leave artistic integrity for another day! I probably should leave my artistic integrity forever if I consider myself a digital artist… I mean should I drive with handbrakes on because I feel guilty that I’m not biking instead?

I colourized the b/w scrap because I’ve wanted to try this for a while. I spent very little time on it and didn’t really think much about the colours, or make use of any layer modes other than colour, so it looks noob. I like the effect/control this method provides but I don’t think using this as the basis of my colouring method suits me. I’ll keep the effect in mind for the future though.

sooo much canon clothing it hurtsss

slave and slave and slave

I spent all weekend slaving over bb1, but at least I think it’s sort of done now and I have 3 weeks (personal deadline) to figure out how to save everything in a pdf LOL. I’ve also thumbnailed a 10-page short story that I would like to include as an extra in the printed version. I don’t like making extra stories because I have to make it enjoyable, but pointless at the same time. The point of a bonus story is for it to be worth paying for, but really I don’t want to spoil anything that people who can’t buy it will never find out. THE DILEMMA

I’ve been bitching about my contrast problems for years and had always wanted to try starting out a painting in black and white, then colorize after, to fix the problem. I’ve finally done that because my procrastination spans across years… but I don’t think it worked because I just ended up with a black and white picture with no contrast LOL. That and I discovered I can’t paint freehand for shit without lines. like 80% of the time was spent on getting the characters right ): and they look cartoony

And I bought a poster of my own drawing back in December. I finally got off my lazy ass and bought a frame for it! now it’s sitting on the floor and probably going to be another month or so before it gets hung up on the wall LOL I NEED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT MY BAD HABITS


Important! Someone is breaching my blog comments and impersonated me in the comments area. I’ve already done what I could to prevent this from continuing, and I apologize if the impersonator has offended anyone. I think common sense is valuable here to judge whether or not I would write things you see.

Moving on!
I haven’t drawn Vocruen for quite some time, and when I set down the sketch for this pic I realized, it’s because I don’t have a real set clothing design for him LOL;;;; so he gets random shirt and pants. and enormous hair… and tiny arms… the stick he’s holding is a flute with pipes attached to one end, inspired by the organ. I made this up a long time ago and still have yet to develop the design. I wanted this flute to be able to play some sort of polyphony, or at least a drone like bagpipes, hence the organ incorporation! it makes so much sense and no sense at the same time.

and I don’t think I ever showed my LOLCHINESE shin angyo onshi collection! I would totally buy the legit version of a language I can comprehend but there is none lol. LOOK AT THEM GROSSLY COLOURED COVERS AND TEXTURES YEAH