March 2, 2011 6:48 PM

trying out different ways of managing tones ^^ I think I draw too infrequently so every pic I draw is a clusterfuck of crap


  • Kidami

    VellyxBlackbirdie hurr hurr

    Ah how MUCH i wish to posess your abilities of putting down colors like this. D: And the picture is so lovely, don't say anything bad about it! >: |

    uh and how much i wish i knew the story of this picture. i mean why Velly's cloth is bloody, etc. gotta make up a nice story for it, instead of studying, hurr hurr hurr. *goes off to melt into something lovely*

    • Blackbird freed Veloce from somewhere (hence the chains) and they are escaping together. Veloce is weakened but there is stuff she can do that blackbird can't, and vice versa, to fight off the things that are chasing them, so instead of just carrying her out, Blackbird is supporting her (arm around the shoulder) and they fight their way together. Here they made it to some ridiculous abysmal interior that goes down to like the center of the earth and jumped off for cinematic purposes!

    • Kidami

      Ahaaaaa now I understand. It has even more meaning, the picture, with reading the story of it. c: Good job, Shilin-chan! > 3 < b

  • hurhur. VelXBB lovers hearts are beating faster now.

    Blame on me. I like that kind of pictures since I absolutely support 'hate-love' . Strange me =V


    I'm sorry, I had to get that out of my system first.

    Awesome pic as usual! (And no, you don't draw a clusterfuck of crap.) The colours are very dynamic and the setting looks spectacular; love the detail on BB's arm and the connection with her attack. And the eyes! It really gives the feeling of failing and just draws you to their faces. And I love the seemingly endless tower; it sorta tells you how Vel is going to fall to her death (if not careful) and voila BB appears to save her! XDD;
    I find that Vel's body doesn't connect well with the perspective of the background though… She seems to be falling at an angle (unless that was intended!) and her legs just seem out of place.
    *hides under the covers*

    • hmm she isn't falling, they were running together with blackbird supporting veloce, jumped off this cliff (with column all around it i don't know why) and turned around for this shot, if that makes sense! I need to stop coming up with elaborate leading-up motions since it doesn't help the actual image any HAHAAHA.
      I think the more out of place thing would be blackbird's scarf and their hair, but I have to blame myself because I drew the figured before deciding on an environment/perspective lol ):

    • Oh I see! No wonder I found the body so odd; I kept on thinking Vel was falling -misinterpreted something again-
      I think only Vel's hair is kinda out of place; it doesn't convey the twisting, seems to make it like she's falling downwards haha. *shot*
      It's still a sketch though; can't wait for the final! <3

  • Catriona


    I'm sorry, I couldn't resist. it's so lovely.

  • Never thought orange, red and purple shades could work well together but I can't stop staring at that background!

    • actually that background pissed me off because I was trying to make it look the depth I had envisioned but at the same time quick and simple, obviously one (or both I guess…) did not work out ):